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  1. Hello All, Looking to return to play some more WU, however I had a few questions in regards to some of the issues that turned me away from the game originally. 1. When I did play at release, I realized there wasn't a big incentive/reason to kill certain creatures. For example lets say I wanted to go hunt scorpions, they didn't drop any material unique to them, like lets say a poison gland I could use in a specific recipe. Has anything like this been implemented? A reason to go out and kill/farm specific creature types? Was wondering if the food/cooking update might of added this stuff. Couldn't find to much though. 2. Is it possible to play the game fully solo on your own server with the intent of killing all of the Uniques/Bosses? 3. In addition to the solo question, I never fully understood the Epic Missions/Valrei system. Is this something a solo person would be interested in? Thanks for any info you can provide!
  2. How do you make yourself a leader with a GM, couldnt figure it out.
  3. Bumping this, I'm now at the end of the second week of Leaf and can still not harvest olive oil. Any ideas? I've checked each day so far.
  4. I do have 3 missions, each from a different god, are those valrei missions? They seem odd, two are to cut down a specific tree and one is to kill 5 deer. I did one earlier and got karma from it but that was it.
  5. I didnt mean treasures from the beast like mobs, more like specific resources they would drop to be used in crafting or even if enchanting required regeants. Just a reason to go out and farm say scorpions for their venom to be used in the venom enchant etc. Right now, not really a reason to go seek out the harder beast mobs, since i can get the same skill from a cow it seems. Plus cows, bulls etc drop more alchemy regeants than the tougher creatures.
  6. How do these spawn, I see the wiki for them but not sure if they would spawn in the adventure map?
  7. Thank you both for your replies. Few follow ups, on the wiki page for creatures: it says: Some rare creatures will drop unique items when killed, some of which are highly valuable. Is that in reference to the uniques or are there rare creatures or rare versions can spawn of each creature that drop other things? Also since I am getting a lot of things for healing covers/alchemy. Other than casting the heal spell is there a way to heal during combat? Bandaging and healing covers seem to take to long to apply and healing covers only work after 10 minutes so not sure the benefit of having higher level alchemy other than better potency covers later. Do you get big enough wounds that needing high potency covers is important later?
  8. Hello, Have over 100 hours in wurm, vast majority was spent gathering, building, exploring etc. I've started to do combat to level that up and eventually try the unqiues and quest line. Other than grinding for skill, I feel bummed by the creature loot. Its basically all just used for healing covers, some creatures do drop resources used in other aspects of crafting like hides, fur or some dye materials. But other than that its pretty bare. My question is, do any creatures other than uniques have a chance to drop something interesting? I was hoping various creatures would drop specfic ingredients for crafting so that you had to go out and hunt those types etc. But look at wurmpedia I dont really see that.
  9. So the wiki has conflicting info for the Olive times. - Shows that olives are only harvestable during the First week of Leaf and Fire. - Shows that olives are harvestable 2, 3, 4 of Fire and week 2 of Leaf. On my current game it is night time on the day of wrath, week 1 of Leaf. I have a sickle activated, I can right click the olive trees and see things like Prune, Pick Sprout Anyone know which of the weeks is correct and if its supposed to be Week 1 of Leaf, why mine isn't working? Thanks,
  10. Yea, but I heard they nerfed the uniques in unlimited, since it was expected you would either be solo or in a small group plus you have that combat modifer setting which I think is set to 3 by default. So im hoping it wont be impossible or least could be adjusted.
  11. Thanks for the insight. Yea I do plan to do the dragons/boss mobs but want to play as mainly an archer though I will level up my melee skills too. Just wasn't sure if plain leather was good for the 30% buff, more protections from studded but no buff or just go chain/plate for good protetions and negative buff to archery. Guessing for bosses/dragons ill need the protections?
  12. Is Cloth, Leather or Studded viable? Wasn't sure if the archery/casting bonus was useful. Should I just be using chain and then plate? Whats the general progression of armours?
  13. New to the game, saw on the wiki that it said these lumps were either from winning the Hunt of the Ancients or at the end of Epic Scenarios if a volcano was spawned. Does that work in Adventure mode or are there other ways to obtain them or was a volcano added does anyone know? Thanks
  14. Makes sense for new spells, do you know if its possible to allow the armour based spells to also work on jewelry?
  15. Would it be possible to make a mod similiar to Ago's spell change of the courier spell? Wondering if theres a way to either modify Web Armor, Demise Shields and Aura of Shared pain to work on Rings, Necklaces and Bracelets or to change the Nolocate spell to do something else that would make using/creating jewelry useful.
  16. Im using Ago's modlauncher.batch for his priest mod. In order to use your meditation mod what do I need to do? I'm not remote hosting just dedicated server for single play.
  17. Saw that you modified the courier spell for a new use. Would you be able to do it with other spells like making Web Armor, Aura of Shared Pain, Demise Shields (Fo's Touch, Libilia's Shielding etc) work on jewelry? Or in the same vein as the courier rework, could you rework Nolocate to do something else? Just curious if there is a way to make jewelry worth using/making for solo play.
  18. Downloaded your update and the patch to the game however I cannot get the server to start. I double click your batch file and the server interface loads. When I hit Start Server, the cmd prompt fills with a bunch of text related to java looks like this: at com.sun.javafx.event.EventUtil.fireEventImpl(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javafx.event.BasicEventDispatcher.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source) etc etc at the bottom of the cmd it says ... 79 more then it closes. Everything with your mod and the game worked fine prior to the games update, I didn't try your newest update until after the server wouldn't start. Edit: Doesnt seem related to your mod, can't get the server to run when not using your batch file either. Edit: In case anyone else has this issue, my ip address changed. Use a cmd prompt and type in ipconfig, check that your ipv4 address is the same as "Server External IP Address" in the server settings and under advanced server settings make sure "Server Internal IP Address" is
  19. Hello, Enjoying the game but was wondering about the end game aspect of it for when I get there (will be quite awhile thankfully). Is it possible to solo the dragons or other bosses? Wasn't sure if they toned them down for Adventure mode in Unlimited or if there is a way I can do that. I still want it to be very hard but since I am playing solo would like it to be possible to experience all the content I can. Any info or insights would be great. Thanks,
  20. Hello, Thanks for making this mod, will this work for a server with two players on it? I noticed you said "single player" in the title and wasn't sure if that meant it will only work for a single player server or not. Thanks