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  1. What if, as used right now it was random, but if you Dye the rune it instead applies that color?
  2. +1 but only for the idea to treat ponds like a new construction/building type, my recommendation for that would be that the starting square must be a spring... require digging and leveling and lining with some rocks etc... well worth all the work to have a pretty pond far from normal water elevation, and a shorter trek for water and (shallow) fishing. And if done as buildings it would allow them to do updates to the system over time to allow "sloped brook" and so on as new sections of pond to cater to desires for streams and waterfalls, eventually.
  3. Any form of "grow this on purpose" would be good, for all plant-based resources really. It's nice that they are finally catching up with various berry bushes and such, hopefully this one is just a matter of time.
  4. When you said surveying I was picturing something entirely different... not sure surveying would be appropriate for underground things (not saying it is a bad idea to be able to, at some high point of mining/prospecting, detect open spaces underground). But I pictured something more like taking the tripod to get a localized map like you can get from the deed marker (but with the addition of some elevation indicators) to help with preplanning construction.
  5. +1 Would love the idea of coops as for levelling single corners, perhaps a level option on tile borders?
  6. +1 Even if not in the list, how about when you go to craft something it doesn't just say you don't have enough, but tells you how much is needed?
  7. Swap small barrel to large, and make it trigger on actual weather (would obviously need to be able to detect said weather)? not nearly as useful for random travelers, but makes it very useful and realistic for inland homesteaders who haven't gone well-hunting.
  8. +1 probably set a weight to combine not a number (since wood scrap comes in varying sizes) then drop every time it is say >=10kg (can probably make it configurable if the rest can be done, right?)
  9. Like most of the ideas here, adding my own Why do we not have fishing nets? We have big boats, and nets, but amazingly not allowed to use nets for fishing! Would love to see fishing baskets (make out of reeds) and other pve hunting traps as well, but that's just dreaming.
  10. Increase for specific things... +1 Lights +1 Items in an area without a door (arch only etc.) +So Many for Range Poles.
  11. Normal grass I'm iffy about, enchanted grass= magic is magic but I much prefer the idea of finally being able to farm mushrooms, Even if the horses won't eat them! Or the dirt-based flooring for interior farming (though would agree that it should require some sort of light source if in a cave or indoors, and if you are able to reach that point of building, the cost of the lighting shouldn't kill you.)
  12. For the ones arguing about the wrong "type" of sickle to be a weapon... There you go, illustrations of the European "tool" sickle (just like the one in Wurm), from a Renaissance combat manual primarily focused on a study of fencing, an entire chapter was devoted to the use of the sickle as a weapon by one of the major martial artists of the time, it also included a chapter on the use of a scythe as a weapon (along with chapters on longsword, backsword, pike, halberd, rapier, dagger, .joust, rules of tournaments and their history, and more).
  13. Trying to get BountyMod to run, getting no messages and no coins, ProspectMod installed at the same time is working fine, any ideas what could have gone wrong? I tried reinstalling twice with no luck.
  14. I didn't have to lockpick mine... but maybe they are designed to only open for players (if you had gm permissions active) there's a few other features like that.