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  1. I can see how to change the terrain of a tile with the wand, but what I can't see is how to set the amount of ore a specific vein has. How do I do this? Also what do the top 3 values set in the set data menu? I can't seem to find any material on what the numbers relate to.
  2. Yes I have done this, albeit unsure of the directory you are talking about. Are you saying to launcher the server from the windows directory instead of selecting it inside steam?
  3. Hey all, I have a small home server I usually host game servers off of and I'm trying to figure out if I need a separate copy of the game for the server. From what I can tell I can't run both WU and a dedicated server on different computers (but you can from the same) unless there is some workaround I'm missing. And if this is the case why not? seems kind of a limiting factor, considering I'd need a second steam account and copy of the game. Any advice? suggestions? thanks!