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  1. Unfortunatly there is very little we can do if the box itself is down as we wouldent be able to access it to move you elsewhere. Clustering can be done by clients yourself or you can pay for us to do it for you, if you pay for it, it does state between normal UK working hours. We try our best to provide the best possible service and in 99% of cases achieve this. I actually completed a cluster today WUA I'm still working on, I have reached out to the developer but have had no reply as of yet.
  2. @Freerkwe can have a look at the tool. For the rest of this month we have a whopping 30% off your first month with us, valid on any game server you would be loco in the coco to miss out! Just use code "Marchmadness at checkout on our site Http://
  3. Been a while since we posted but we have some good news, we are pleased to say we now have a mapviewer build into the game panel @ArkonickThank you for the praise If there are any improvements to the game panel we can make please let us know and we will do our best.
  4. @Eject Put in a ticket with what you need and I'll see what we can do.
  5. Thanks for the praise guys. We do try our best. If you have suggestions for the game panel on how we could make it better/look cleaner just let us know and we will add it to the todo list!
  6. Pingperfect are proud to announce we now have an Australian location and more capacity within Seattle and Chicago
  7. Pingperfect now support the Mod Launcher modification for Wurm Unlimited. Nice and simple to install with a simple one click button
  8. I assume you are the person one of the techs were talking to on skype. Glad we could help you resolve your problem Comming soon: Full character editing Password reset button
  9. Added: Player GM management Simplified: Configuration management and updating
  10. Thats interesting zMole as its up for me and we have customers communicating to us through it and have been reciving tickets, live chats and sales for the time period you indicated Also Are you using any sort of proxy, vpn, tor etc as those will probably be blocked.
  11. Just added a bunch of features to our server hosting Backup your server at the click of a button anytime you like Restore that backup at the click of a button Support for custom maps with a tutorial on how to do it rebuild your databse at the click of a button
  12. I had found all the options in the database but so far it has not worked. Working with the devs now Having 2 servers on the same box on different IP's & Ports , the first works, the 2nd does not Ok so after hours of testing (Massive thanks to Keenan btw) Specifing IP's does not work Using different ports so long as its on the main IP of the box does work
  13. Mirroring the statements above, being able to change all ports and specify IP Address's are fundamental to hosting servers. I have tried changing it in the database but this does not yet seem to make any difference Is there any official statement on when it will be available to change?
  14. Pingperfect are now offering Wurm Unlimited game servers. Unlimited players, just pay for the ram you want to use, no FTP/sqlite knowledge required, Servers start at just £4.00 | $6.12 | €5.52 and you can choose a multitude of locations to have your server in. Discounts available based on subscription length Click here to order your server now! Pingperfect gameserver features No compromise customer support. We regularly go above and beyond for our customers and it shows Instant Setup (Servers take just a few minutes to install automatically and send you the details) Full root/FTP access available Update your server at the click of a button Update your settings with the click of a button, no nasty sqlite editing here! Unlimited players, just pay for the ram you use One click server controls (Start/Stop/Restart) Daily files backup to keep your server safe Easily access configuration files and log files Backup and restore your server when you want at the click of a button Support for custom maps one click database rebuilding Modification support (eg Mod Launcher) Player GM management All our servers run on the latest Xeon hardware with a minimum of 32GB ram, Gigabit connections and redundancies to keep your server up 24/7 Live chat, Skype, Tickets, a team who will get your server running how you want it, a decent price, what more could you ask for? Grab your server now and start building your world! Click here to order your server now!