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  1. It sounds like you're using 32-bit Java. Make sure to install the 64-bit version instead, that should fix your problem.
  2. I can't believe that still isn't fixed, it only takes a few seconds. The title is already being loaded in the og:title meta property. All they need to do is duplicate that property and call it 'title' instead of og:title <meta property="og:title" content="Please give us a set of instructions for this new forum. Especially quoting.">
  3. If old games / computers interest you and you enjoy a good Duke Nukem impression, give LGR a shot: Lazy Game Reviews
  4. Sperg, you're running out of memory by the looks of it. Try assigning more to the JVM if possible, that should fix it.
  5. I think it was pretty clear what would happen once they set off the first nuke, this was Oppenheimer's take on it:
  6. How much RAM do you have? It looks like the 7660 is an integrated video-card that doesn't have dedicated video ram so you're probably running out of system memory.
  7. I dub this one 'The Happy Couple'. I was out hunting for furs when I ran across them. I took a few more screenshots of them but I'll only post one here
  8. Guess I'll rewrite my post since I've partially fixed this now. When the cave wall hit count is set to 64 you never get the 'this wall will soon break' message, you can just keep mining the same wall for rock shards over and over. I lowered it to 51 and now it's working properly again. I've set the timer for crop growth to 1.5 and am currently waiting to see if they'll grow.
  9. Fruit trees spread faster than other trees. I just made a few clusters on my own map and added more of the other trees to balance things out. The chorus of this song seems appropriate
  10. Sorry, I never saw this reply until now. Apparently this issue has been fixed but if you ever need to again, you can just PM one of the client developers on the forum here. Warlander is the only name that stuck with me so far but I've seen others. They probably keep an eye on these sections anyway but it's easy to miss something if a lot of people post.
  11. If possible, please add an Activate option for an entire pile of items / resources that is in your inventory. It can just use the items in the way they're sorted but it will help making paving less of a chore. Another thing I woud highly appreciate is an option to 'remember' the way inventories like the backpack are sorted, it seems to reset everytime I close the window.
  12. The staircases will be in a future update. The Reveal-thing has the current updates in it.
  13. That is not a bug as far as I know. The quality restriction only applies to resources, not tools.
  14. Have you tried emptying the browser cache in your phone?
  15. I don't think you can (but I could be very wrong about this). And wrong I was, thanks Ago