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  1. Website update: Our Website got a little rework and now shines with a new and more refined design. It is not finished yet but it looks pretty neat in my opinion :> Feel free to check it out: If you have some ideas for the website or feedback fell free to message me.
  2. Troll King Slaying - TODAY Today at 20:00 UTC the Troll King will be slain. More information can be found here:
  3. Engineer's Hungergames part 2 Group Registrations for the Hungergames part 2 are now open! The event will take place on April 15th 2017. More information and the link to the groups can be found here: Scavenger Hunt We have another scavenger Hunt with great prizes going on. Thanks to @Wreckfor organising it once again!
  4. Kyklops Slaying Today we have a Kyklops Slaying event at 20:00 UTC with some great loot. Don't miss it out! Scavenger Hunt There is also a scavenger Hunt with a great prize currently going on. Thanks to @Wreckfor organising it!
  5. Winter Impalong 2017: This years Winter Impalong will take place on January 28th and 29th! More information can be found here:
  6. Don't forget to claim your Christmas Present from Santa at Haven if you haven't already!
  7. Server is up again!
  8. We will be back soon.
  9. Event - Dragon Slaying: There is going to be a Community Dragon Slaying Event next Saturday (10th) at 20:00 UTC. Thanks to our new unique loot distribution nobody will go home with empty hands More info can be found here:
  10. 3.69€ for a steam game (if that counts too :P)
  11. Join us now Get a 55% Discount on WU at and join us on our big adventure. Many new players joined in the last days. We also have a lot of villages looking for new members.
  12. The vernable slow black dragon hatchling is caught, gj everyone
  13. Good Luck America ... you will need it
  14. that was an eventful and fun weekend XD Here are a few screens of the boat race/marathon:
  15. Day 3 of the Impalong: Event: Last event for the Impalong will be a Sailing Race at 20:00 UTC - more details can be found here: Pictures from yesterdays maze event: