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    Server Name: ~ONWRD ONLINE~ [DEDICATED][PvP/PvE][Fast Gain][Mods]
    Player Limit: 250
    Mods Installed:
    - Bag of Holding
    - Creature Age
    - No Crop Weeds
    - Ebony Wand
    - No Priest Restrictions
  1. Great program! I'm not sure if this has been reported but about once a day, the app will crash due to an XML error. I presume the source URL returns an error or times out. Can you guys put a try/catch around the call to prevent this? Screenshot: Thanks!
  2. Great job here! Would be interested in seeing you adopt the features of my mod @ http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/133460-released-ebony-wand-mod-instant-minedig-and-bury-action-v13-11042015/ Let me know if you are interested and would like to discuss. Cheers
  3. @eforen, An update has been posted to support the latest version. @DioSan, I think this feature would go better with Ulviirala's mod, "Better Gamemasters" (http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/133975-alpha-better-gamemasters/).
  4. @eforen, I just completed decompiling the version 1412737 and merging with my changes. I expect to release an update supporting this version later today. I just need to test it first.
  5. Server Name: ~ONWRD ONLINE~ [DEDICATED][PvP/PvE][Fast Gain][Mods] IP Address: Player Limit: 250 Mods Installed: - Bag of Holding - Creature Age - No Crop Weeds - Ebony Wand - No Priest Restrictions Server Resources: - CPU: 2 Cores - Memory: 14GB - Disk: 100GB SSD Connection Speeds:
  6. I'll definitely take a look but be sure to post this in the Requests forum for more visibility.
  7. Ask and you shall receive. Version 1.2 adds a Bury action to the Ebony Wand w/ instant action and bypasses various checks.
  8. fatboy, I've posted an updated release (v1.1) above.
  9. Thanks fatboy. I'll see about using an alternative method for toggling. Feedback welcome
  10. What does it do? This mod will change the way you perform actions as a Game Master. Normally when you mine you will instantly complete the action as a GM using a pickaxe. This modification changes this to only be instant when you have the Ebony Wand activated. This mod also adds a 'Bury' action to the Ebony Wand. Why did you create this? I wanted to play the game as a GM and still have to work for normal activities and also keep ore veins from disappearing for others. It obviously requires some self-control but this gives you the option to play as a normal user while still maintaining the elevated privileges. Planned features:- None at the moment Requirements:Ago's mod loader version 0.8.2 or newer Download: Direct Download: https://github.com/ONWRD/EbonyWandMod/releases/download/v2.0/EbonyWandMod-2.0.zip Releases: https://github.com/ONWRD/EbonyWandMod/releases Source: https://github.com/ONWRD/EbonyWandMod Installation: Extract the contents of the download below into the Wurm Unlimited server directory. Directory structure should match: - .\Wurm Unlimited server directory\mods\ebonywandmod.properties - .\Wurm Unlimited server directory\mods\ebonywandmod\ebonywandmod.jar