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  1. I may have missed the update for this but did not see anything when I scanned them. Items on characters that have not been logged in a long while now take damage? I noticed it on tools so far. Is that a new feature? I do not remember this happening in the past.
  2. Also it takes 3 wooden beams total - 1 for creation and 2 additional.
  3. This is really great, Thank you all for making it. Does this work with a character that is bugged and does the cooking affinity bug fix? I am wondering how the bug fix changes the math too if anyone knows. I tested briefly on a bugged toon but could not get it to work. But my understanding on the fix is somewhat limited. Thanks.
  4. Skill regrind. This is one of the the primary reasons I never did much on epic, when I was there it was empty and I didn't want to regrind skills I spent so much time on in freedom. People told me it was faster grind on epic + curve but it did not feel like it. Friends The second reason was no one wanted to play with me there again mostly due to the skill regrind. I am hoping I can find a good group of people to play with there.(This happened on chaos when I played there so maybe not) Population The low population was depressing so I am hoping this update will help in that regard as well. ____________________________________________________________________________ I am glad you all are working on an epic > freedom transfer as well, it will allow the poor souls on epic to have more choices which is always good. I will be looking to join others in trying epic again so anyone there already who could use a citizen please let me know. I have a couple of RL friends that may join me. Couple of questions though. 1. Will freedom Priests transfers with their current god? 2. A character with sorcery items, will those transfer?
  5. Thanks StarsHollow, I was able to finish my olive orchard.
  6. Hi, can you cod me a 50 olive sprouts please. ign: Tuanta. Thank you very much.
  7. When they were first implemented and for a while after they would disappear if you destroyed 1 section of the bridge. That was corrected due to pvp players being able to destroy a bridge of an enemy with just bashing 1 section. At least that was was I was told. There are many things that pve players pays for with tedium due to pvp players QoL. I am not trying to be snarky it is just a fact of wurm. edit: I asked this same question june of last year, no one came out and said it was changed but I have had to destroy any bridges since then by taking down all sections of the bridge.
  8. bought 1g, flawless transaction.
  9. According to the legend its marked as tunnel / canal (knarr only) and it should be marked - Canal (knarr only) as the north end is not passable in cart / wagon
  10. 94 and 95 iron to Tuanta please
  11. The tunnel / canal starting here - and ending here Is a small boat / knarr only. The north side is too deep for a cart/wagon I just tried it this morning. I had to go all the way back. (I was on a cart)
  12. Ah thank you, the revision of that document I read previously did not have that information in it.