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  1. According to the legend its marked as tunnel / canal (knarr only) and it should be marked - Canal (knarr only) as the north end is not passable in cart / wagon
  2. 94 and 95 iron to Tuanta please
  3. The tunnel / canal starting here - and ending here Is a small boat / knarr only. The north side is too deep for a cart/wagon I just tried it this morning. I had to go all the way back. (I was on a cart)
  4. Ah thank you, the revision of that document I read previously did not have that information in it.
  5. Has anyone looked at the crops? I was curious where the new veggies fall in difficulty.
  6. Thanks all. Thread can be closed.
  7. I am going to weigh in on this, just to post my feelings and where I stand. I love wurm, I love about 90% of the people who make up this great game. I have dealt with many of you in one form or another and I expect to do so in the future as well. I am a cynic but I also like to trust people until they give me a reason not too. The transaction in question was several hours from start to finish, the person in question told me upfront about being 3s short on the deal and I agreed that I would risk it and trust they would pay me the rest later. For the amount was low and I knew where to find them if they did not pay. The initial conversation was done via forum pm's and later in game tell's. When it came time to make the deal, he was 1s more short, finding he only had 16s in the bank and a promise to make up the 4s difference. Again not a huge amount and something I could stand losing. I was fine with the deal as is, he was busy asking in trade and forums to buy silver. (I assumed to complete his deal with me.) he later contacted me in pm's about a concern of giving someone permissions to mine iron vein in the canal. After an hour of discussing it. He stated he would be keeping the deed and was trusting me about how allowing a person to mine iron in the canal would not give that person complete and unfettered access to his deed mine. (2 different locations). I went to bed assuming he was clear on everything. The very next day I saw the deed disband, with no further contact from him about it. Not in the forum pm's nor in game. This concerned me since he had not completed his deal with me but the property involved in the deal was gone. I posted on the alliance thread (granted it probably should have been in the alliance forum instead) that anyone dealing with him should be wary as I was left out in the cold with nothing more to go on. It seems a lack of communication or miscommunication was a large part of the issue and he has since made good on his end of the deal. Thank you for that. But the loss of the deed is sad, it was nice place and I hope someone can save it since he threw it away. I want to thank Yldrania for her zeal, she cares for her alliance members. Which is awesome . I also want to thank any of people who I have dealt with in the past who upheld their end of the bargains, because there are a few of people who have not and left me in the lurch. Dont worry I won't be pointing you out since no money changed hands and everyone is welcome to change their minds. I do feel that people should man up and not make a lame excuse or promise further contact and don't. So that is my rant, take it for what it is worth.
  8. Just curious can you link the better accounts that went for less?
  9. Oh you mean the 5pts of physical damage sensitivity? It is offset by the 10prts of Physical Damage Toughness (or so I thought) but I get what he is saying.
  10. You don't like the red cherry?
  11. Yep he was (is) a great guy in WO and is missed. BUT I am still looking for some PC's please.
  12. Thanks Niki, nothing like that.