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  1. I started playing here with my wife yesterday coming from a server that felt way too fast. So far we both enjoy it very much and hope more people come to play. The lower action/skill multipliers create a more rewarding experience. We only hope that nothing gets out of control like we've seen on other servers such as private traders paying their owner 75s a day, or maxing a skill in a week, or farming being trivial because you can grow 200 of something in a day. Less is more.
  2. Even if you were on WO and didn't have premium it wouldn't make a difference. You still need to know that trees only work up to 20. Also, you can use trees for non-axe weapons until 20 as well.
  3. On WU I imagine GMs could manually implement a similar program. Although I'd like to see it as an operational ingame mechanic.
  4. My animals are all fat except this one stubborn hen that's always starving.
  5. Try it now. I don't know what else to change.
  6. Click download this photo > Original size. Thats not working?
  7. In the meantime you could put the wood in a separate pantry structure.
  8. The NPC villages are made this way, with a PC made for each village to be the mayor and deed holder. You could just make a new mayor PC for every deed you want to create have them place the deed and then you can build it with them or your main character.
  9. I didn't make the textures. I just resized them to fit Wurm's format.
  10. They're on Flikr, you don't need anything from Yahoo to save them. I don't even use Yahoo myself.
  11. I was originally a WO player actually. You'd think fans of essentially the same game would be able to coexist peacefully. I play WU now, but I'm no less interested in WO. Besides, I have an apparently uncommon ability to read forums by category and sub-forum.
  12. Any way we can hide all WO elitists with one button? It could be one community but the nobles don't want us peasants to have access to the cloud district.
  13. Make a new character on your own server, make him make the deed and give all permissions to your other character. You can have infinite characters.