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  1. Thank you to everyone who took part and especially Vizzer for casting!
  2. we are casting half an hour early because we are already full
  3. if anyone needs summons pm Chaosmeow in game
  4. Nah as long as we have 300 favor and I think we will hit that even with beginner priests.
  5. yeah those stats are fine, you're welcome to join
  6. Hi everyone, Vynora is brimming with power on Cadence, so it's time for a Rite of Spring cast! The priest leading the cast, Vizzer, can link 10 people, and we have 6 slots left. We are prioritizing people who need the journal entry, but also would like to have some backups just in case we need you. If you are coming via boat, Port Crescendo is easily accessible with a boat. Summons will be available! Location: Port Crescendo P16 Date: Sunday, January 23, 3:00pm EST/8pm GMT
  7. Thanks everyone who participated and helped make this a successful cast!
  8. Thanks everyone. One other change is that I will hold this next door at Midgar for easy cordage rope access, lol.
  9. Ok, shooting for 5pm EST Sunday for this. We can also summon people if needed.
  10. Yeah definitely not happening tonight! I expect in a few days depending on the response. I know a couple high level channelers I could get.
  11. "You sense that Fo is brimming with power. Maybe you can channel it somehow?" Anyone interested in casting Holy Crop? I would need a high level channeler to cast it as my priest's channeling isn't great. I could host it at my deed Defiance Hill Farms which is at O17. Also wanted to make sure that people are able convert to Fo who want the sleep bonus. When would be a good time and date for most people? EDIT: We are going to cast this Sunday, Jan 2, at 5pm EST at Midgar, which is also at O17 and on the highway! If anyone needs a summon, send a tell to Chaosmeow in game and it will be arranged, however you are on your own going back!
  12. Hey Arno, I'm going to send you a rare rope tool that needs imbued, along with 9 blood and 3 source crystals.