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  1. Dark Empires Role Play

    Open PVP except in the starting area.
  2. Dark Empires Role Play

    Update notes: - New starting area controlled by the admins (Fort Calden) - Reduced skill gain to default Wurm Unlimited settings Upcoming events: - Thanksgiving (US) 2x Event (November 25th - 30th) Upcoming features: - Custom chat (RP oriented) - Custom deities - Classes/professions Please contact myself or Crierd if you have any concerns, comments and suggestions. We look forward to getting the community involved so we can make our server an enjoyable experience for all.
  3. Dark Empires Role Play

    Last day of our Halloween 2x Event! Hope to see some people in game!
  4. Dark Empires Role Play

    Halloween Event Announcement! Double your fun with us on our Halloween 2x event! We're doubling up the skill gain rates for the whole weekend!
  5. Hello everyone! We have been busy testing and playing on the server ourselves but I thought I'd post a little information about our server. Steam Group Staff: Dexter (IGN: Crierd) - Server Owner / Admin Deez (IGN: Munk) - Admin LokiHavok (IGN: Drust) - Admin Rules: - No metagaming (using OOC knowledge while IC) - No mixing chat channels (Local is RP only, Global and PMs are OOC) Rates: - Default Wurm Unlimited Skill Gain - Epic Skill Settings (Faster skill gains that level off at higher levels) Free2Play: We're completely free to play. You will never have to pay for in game items or perks and will be able to do everything that you can in Wurm Online through in game means. Events: We will be hosting events for holidays and milestones, typically setting the server to twice the skill gain. We also plan to do RP events but that's to be determined.
  6. Weird texture bug

    Fixed! Turns out it was running on my Intel graphics driver instead of the 840M as mentioned above. Step by step: Open the NVIDIA Control Panel. Click the Manage 3D Settings link. Click the Programs Settings tab. Hit Add Find javaw.exe from the drop down and select it (If you recently ran Wurm it will appear) Select the preferred graphics driver (in my case "High-performance NVIDIA Processor") Hit Apply Run the game! This not only fixed the bug but I can now run at a smooth 60+ FPS with all the graphics on the highest setting.
  7. Ever since installing the game on my laptop I've been having this weird texture bug. I have to play on minimum settings just to get a decent frame rate and I think I may have changed something I shouldnt have. The laptop is an i7 with a GTX 840M. I can play GTA V and get 60 FPS no problem so it's kind of frustrating having to lower everything in this game just to get 20 FPS.
  8. My friends and I are trying to set up our own server with a custom map. We got the map loaded but the default kingdoms such as Horde of the Summoned, Jenn-Khelan, etc are completely bugged out. I want to completely remove all of the kingdoms, npcs and towns that are being generated and make our own starting point. Is this possible and how?