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  1. +1 for the revert. My horse drives like a bus and my cart like a barge. Not fun at all, although I have gotten pretty adapt at 3 point turns around my deed.
  2. You come across as someone who hasn't read the thread, has an obvious bias, or is someone who discounts the years of playtime prior to Steam. That said, there is nothing stopping you from making your own curated thread to spin the numbers how you would like them spun.
  3. I suspect this would work out in the middle of nowhere (away from any deeds, highways, or roads), but it's an obvious and easy "griefing" support ticket otherwise.
  4. -1 While an easy grind sounds good, it doesn't seem to have the player longevity the Wurm team is hoping for. If you want to grind quickly you may want to check out the various WU servers with increased skill gain and faster timers.
  5. Download the map and do that then? Or are you asking/expecting Hugh and Skyfox to do it (and maintain that instead of their existing process)?
  6. Last I checked the location of deed was not part of the broadcast. Did that change?
  7. If you don't make changes to your UI much maybe set the file to Read-Only as a workaround? I've done that with my keybinds file because my client likes to randomly duplicate entries which Read-Only fixed for me. Not a fix, but it might alleviate the annoyance.
  8. Or, like myself, because I've decided I am no longer going to pay or skill up a duplicate toon/deed they lose the money anyway. More actually because I do prem multiple toons on my "main set of characters" and the lonely NFI ones are going to be mothballed indefinitely. I do see that some folks may decide to pay for duplicate accounts/deeds but I wonder which group is larger and has the most impact on company finances?
  9. I feel the same. My NFI toon(s)/deed are currently sleeping and I am not planning on paying the upkeep in 3 months when it expires. My main there is decently skilled and I've love to bring him to SFI, so I'd be happy with any of your proposed options because like you I have no desire to "take over" the other cluster, just regroup the team.
  10. I think players may be more open to phasing out the old worlds and migrating to new if they have the option to keep their skills and "stuff". Maybe open the new cluster and give folks a month or two to settle a new deed (maybe even free deeds to existing nfi/sfi deed owners with upkeep deferred) and transfer their stuff. This doesn't give the "new wurm smell" of a complete fresh start but does consolidate the players. That said, I have a feeling any plan like this may result in more players leaving then staying.
  11. Hello, Can you add my deed, Name of deed: Sweetwater Vista Location: 30 tiles NE of Albia Havens's Port at 46X 48Y Pic: Thank you SirMuttley
  12. I find that I can zoom in much further if I download the map and open on my desktop. Not sure if that is my browser or by design, but that's how I do it when I want detail.
  13. Nice! Although my guards are going to be upset their underground poker game is now going to get interrupted. Lots of great QoL tweaks in this update. Good job devs!
  14. My main is on SFI and while I don't disagree with you, simply shutting down a couple of servers will probably result in *far* less players as folks rage quit over losing their deed and their creations. This is not to say it couldn't be done, but it just needs to be thought over and carefully implemented. Maybe setup a new server in SFI only available to those with active deeds on the servers to be closed and give several months transition time... maybe with some boost or reward for the imposition of being evicted. If the new server had enough land variety to fulfill the majority of players wish-list for their "perfect deed" many (most?) may transfer peacefully. It will probably still get ugly and probably be a PR nightmare for awhile but it could work.
  15. This is an incorrect assumption, as I have seen what I described several times on Indy. Within hours there are "sheds" popping up to prevent the original owner from deeding again and to block mines, walls bashed, etc. It's a sad sight but does in fact occur. As I stated before, this is really just a scavengers map that serves no other purpose. Why don't folks just embrace it for what it is?