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  1. I find that I can zoom in much further if I download the map and open on my desktop. Not sure if that is my browser or by design, but that's how I do it when I want detail.
  2. Nice! Although my guards are going to be upset their underground poker game is now going to get interrupted. Lots of great QoL tweaks in this update. Good job devs!
  3. My main is on SFI and while I don't disagree with you, simply shutting down a couple of servers will probably result in *far* less players as folks rage quit over losing their deed and their creations. This is not to say it couldn't be done, but it just needs to be thought over and carefully implemented. Maybe setup a new server in SFI only available to those with active deeds on the servers to be closed and give several months transition time... maybe with some boost or reward for the imposition of being evicted. If the new server had enough land variety to fulfill the majority of players wish-list for their "perfect deed" many (most?) may transfer peacefully. It will probably still get ugly and probably be a PR nightmare for awhile but it could work.
  4. This is an incorrect assumption, as I have seen what I described several times on Indy. Within hours there are "sheds" popping up to prevent the original owner from deeding again and to block mines, walls bashed, etc. It's a sad sight but does in fact occur. As I stated before, this is really just a scavengers map that serves no other purpose. Why don't folks just embrace it for what it is?
  5. I'll not steer you away from WU as it has it's charms, but fyi the northern WO servers are not necessarily overcrowded. My toon on Harmony is sleeping now, but the last time I was online the shoreline around my deed on Harmony had LOTS of open space.
  6. The abandoned Oak Wharf deed was mine. I've decided to move to Deli, but forgot to unlock the gates before disbanding and locked myself in, thus the 1 gate that was down at the waterline . Oak Market is not mine, but is part of my alliance. The abandoned deed to the east of the Market with the colored colossus is the old Nysa (then Oak Grove) deed. Such a beautiful area of Indy. Glad you had an opportunity to visit!
  7. As much as I am dreading the AH grind 55+ (enough that I probably won't do it, even if that means not being happy in the game cause slow carts/wagons aren't my cup 'o tea), I agree that those with the highest skill should get the best results.
  8. It's a sad statement that I'm feeling more confidant of server longevity on WU servers than WO. I don't think there is any single reason I feel this way but the seeming lack of direction and excitement of the game by it's owner/management/dev team certainly play its part. That, coupled with what feels like a mass exodus of players and deeds on all the servers has me questioning if the game will be standing this time next year. Sad as I really enjoy Wurm. All that to say I don't believe it simply just lack of patches or patch notes, but something that runs deeper and will be harder to fix.
  9. Why? WU is a good game, and allows players to setup their own servers with their own ruleset and mods. That is certainly worth something if a player wants the wurm experience without being on WO.
  10. I found that (on my system) my keybind file had numerous copies of each key. I think it may have been writing new lines each time I exited or maybe each time I changed something. Anyway, long story short my latest key binding *was* in the file it was just the 5, 6, or 7th entry and of course wasn't loading right. I "fixed" this by renaming the file, firing up the game and setting my keybinds, then exiting. This created a clean file which I then marked as Read-Only so the game cannot adjust without me unsetting the read-only flag. It's a nasty hack and is a bit of a pain when I want to change the bindings, but I rarely do that any longer. Long story short, yes it would be nice if they fixed that bug
  11. It's hard to get excited and interested in a product when (it appears) the owner and developers of said product are not excited and interested either. My desire to login has certainly started to diminish, especially now that I am looking at the brutal 55+ AH grind for decent livestock. I would think I'm just burned out, but I'm having a blast on WU servers which remind me to WO prior to NFI launch (note: My pre-steam experience centers around Havens on Indy which was "alive" and always active). I'm seriously considering letting my Deli and Harmony toons sleep until the deed upkeep runs out and calling it quits.
  12. I was mostly being serious The modders in WU have done awesome things, and if he were to setup a server with this then others may flock it it... if it's a great idea. There are mods out there that are used in almost every server because they are great, so ya never know this idea might be the next big one. And, since it seems that the actual wurm devs are busy with their current projects, the best chance of getting an idea "out there" is doing it themselves.
  13. Sounds interesting... as an opt-in thing that pve players of the traditional wurm could ignore. Good luck on getting any dev time though. You would be better off learning programming and setting up your own WU server at this point.
  14. I find it humorous that folks like to pass this off as a grandiose adventure map, when in reality it's just a map to enable raiders to destroy a fallen deed within hours... even before the friends and allies of the deed owner have a chance to reach out or help. Call it what it is guys, a scavengers treasure map.
  15. I'm not convinced even a small % of players of PVE Wurm would enjoy logging into find their deed destroyed. That said, maybe the devs could add an opt-in deed option for this? That way folks like yourself could allow it "for the extra adventure" and others could carry on and not worry about it.