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  1. What is the thought process behind not allowing building on the Heartland perimeter? I think that is one of the neat things about Havens Landing that definitely makes a better first impression of the game. As it is now, new players log into a vast wasteland and *must* venture far out in the wilds just to find a place to build. Obviously this isn't a huge deal given the popularity of the server, but I am just curious if this was an oversight or planned.
  2. Keep in mind that botting and macroing are against the TOS, so while someone *can* have 5 alts running they would keep to bounce around continuously to keep them active. That's a lot of work but the option is there. I'm not sure how many "normal" players would do this. I have 1 alt and I sometimes load up both at the same time. Why? Not to exploit or screw up the economy but because sometimes staring at an action over and over again is boring as hell. So if I have a toon that is mining or trying to build a knarr, it's nice to have a toon that I can actually "do" something with instead of just queue and watch TV. So, not everyone running more than 1 toon is trying to exploit or dominate, at least in my experience and opinion. Edit: Spelling
  3. Its been my experience that free to play games, especially on Steam for some reason, seem to attract the worst kinds of players... the ones looking for immediate satisfaction, tend to grief others for fun and profit, and are generally just unpleasant to be around. With the current ruleset, most of the worst will leave within the first month and their stuff will decay quickly (thankfully the skill cap is low so their impact won't be too lasting) leaving the ones who actually want to play a grownups version of Minecraft.
  4. Sounds like an interesting idea, however I would bet that the reason mounts, hauling, etc are behind prem is to entice users to subscribe. Being able to retain the mounts and hauling after premming once is actually a pretty good deal in my opinion. That said, I'm fairly new to the game and I don't have an issue paying for a sub.
  5. I'm sure someone will take on the challenge if there is a map dump. Opt-out vs Opt-in is really up to what the mappers are comfortable with. Do you like being automatically added to email and phone lists or would you prefer to opt-in to them. It's kinda the same thinking with the deeds on maps I believe.
  6. Epic Fail

    As someone who lived through the WOW launch back in the day, technical/connection issues can be normal for a launch day when servers get hammered. I expect things will calm down shortly,. but I am skeptical of the steam folks as generally they seem to have a low tolerance for issues (which surprises me given the amount of alpha product on the platform, but that is a different topic). Hopefully things improve before the reviews tank because that ends up being a tough hole to climb out of.
  7. Maybe as a compromise someone could put up a sign in the starting area telling newbs to drop the pelt for "old-school" play? That way folks that want to play the old way have a heads up, and others can start out with a extremely low QL pelt.
  8. Not to nitpick but I made a large anvil as well since it was missing. Basically the iron vein in Havens gives noobs the opportunity to make anything they need to start.. except for a pelt. I suppose we could debate he "good old days" where folks had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to fetch a pail of water but I'm not sure that giving a new player a super low QL pelt is going to break the game.
  9. Is anyone or group responsible for the starting/tutorial area? When I started several months ago there were lots of abandoned carts, chests, etc scattered about but for the most part they were lining the walls and out of the main areas. Now, especially in the mining cave, stuff is stacked on top of each other and would not be very appealing to new players. I tried pushing things around and of course have no permissions to do so.
  10. I'm a noob and I made a sickle without much difficulty in Havens. A pelt however I was lucky enough to find one left in the "stuff or noobs" pile outside of the city. I thank the kind stranger who left that.
  11. I hope it is similar. I tried the game back in 2011 and again in 2015, both ending with me wandering, lost, and frustrated. This time around, Havens and the surrounding village made all the difference to me sticking around past the noob learning curve.
  12. I was able to get a hitched large cart moved off-deed which I am grateful for, not only for myself but also the owner of the cart because had he logged in he would have been locked inside the deed (no access to open gate). Thank you GMs!
  13. Hi all. New to Wurm and I'm really enjoying it but am getting frustrated with my lack of mine-able rock around Winkshir (default Adventure map). Is anyone will to share where or how they found accessible rock? All the visible rock seems to be very much out of reach and my attempts at exposing some have failed, although I assume I may going about it incorrectly being new and all. Thanks!