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  1. It's hard to get excited and interested in a product when (it appears) the owner and developers of said product are not excited and interested either. My desire to login has certainly started to diminish, especially now that I am looking at the brutal 55+ AH grind for decent livestock. I would think I'm just burned out, but I'm having a blast on WU servers which remind me to WO prior to NFI launch (note: My pre-steam experience centers around Havens on Indy which was "alive" and always active). I'm seriously considering letting my Deli and Harmony toons sleep until the deed upkeep runs out and calling it quits.
  2. I was mostly being serious The modders in WU have done awesome things, and if he were to setup a server with this then others may flock it it... if it's a great idea. There are mods out there that are used in almost every server because they are great, so ya never know this idea might be the next big one. And, since it seems that the actual wurm devs are busy with their current projects, the best chance of getting an idea "out there" is doing it themselves.
  3. Sounds interesting... as an opt-in thing that pve players of the traditional wurm could ignore. Good luck on getting any dev time though. You would be better off learning programming and setting up your own WU server at this point.
  4. I find it humorous that folks like to pass this off as a grandiose adventure map, when in reality it's just a map to enable raiders to destroy a fallen deed within hours... even before the friends and allies of the deed owner have a chance to reach out or help. Call it what it is guys, a scavengers treasure map.
  5. I'm not convinced even a small % of players of PVE Wurm would enjoy logging into find their deed destroyed. That said, maybe the devs could add an opt-in deed option for this? That way folks like yourself could allow it "for the extra adventure" and others could carry on and not worry about it.
  6. I think maybe you are on a personal mission to change Wurm into something it isn't? Given the lack of dev on this game, I think you may be better off looking to sculpt some other game to your image... or learn to program, pick up WU, and make your own server.
  7. Why provide evidence to someone who doesn't even play the game? As an aside I've seen plenty of horses on Indy and Deli as well. Methinks you are having issues finding horses due to the fact that you aren't logged in and playing?
  8. Huh. I've never had any issues remembering the handful of deeds that surround my deed in local, but even if I did have a memory issue I could easily do a bit of exploring and within an hour have the deed names noted someplace. I'm not sure if I can relate to your situation (although methinks you may not have been completely truthful in your comment).
  9. -1. These might be interesting on a server that people could travel to and experience, but adding to the existing game isn't needed in my opinion.
  10. Players can and do interact, even when they are hermits or wish to remain in local. I'm not sure if you've been in the game lately but there are mailboxes and market stalls. You really should check them out.
  11. The cynical side of me thinks this is *exactly* why some players want every deed on the map... so if/when it falls they can race over and raid it. From what I have seen, fallen deeds on the map are destroyed and have random 1 tile buildings on them within hours. Unmapped deeds can go a few days which allows time for friends and allies to help collect and preserve some of the animals and equipment.
  12. A day before something launches.
  13. It's possible they use the word "login" because they cannot say "players" since many (most?) might be alts. I can see 7k logins, since the 200-400 population count would rotate throughout the day (not everyone stays logged in 24/7).
  14. The devs could leverage some of the popularity of WU and try a pve server (disconnected from the freedom cluster) that mirrors some of the more popular rulesets, like slightly increased skill and action timers, no priest restrictions, free starter deed for 30 days, bounties for burying or burning corpses, or possibly allowing some of the popular qol mods.
  15. iron trowel blade, iron chisel blade, and iron rake blade (all any coc) cod to SirMuttley. Thank you!