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  1. Returning player searching for a village that is in the Mountain Time Zone (UTC-07:00) time zone. Looking for an active, friendly place to call home. Currently planning on buying premium time, but I do not have it just yet. Planning to focuse on Leatherworking, Horse Breeding (if possible) and farming; haven't found what I 'like' just yet. Edit: In Celebration.
  3. Server Down?

    Really? That sucks; oh well, Guess I go play Gnomoria for while.
  4. Now on here, it says on here there are people on. When i try to launch Wurm and get in-game; it can't connect to the server. Any reason why?
  5. Very tempting; pitty I'm on Cele and just bought premium (in game.). Maybe in a few weeks, we'll see how things go .
  6. Hm, then which area would provide skill gain if Chaos (pvp) does not? Looked at the map; the Epic portal part on the map answered that question for me. Lol. Never mind on that; I'd have to start a new character, oh well. Looks like I'll have to go around grooming people's animals.
  7. Lol, well I am on Cele; I was just asking about Exo, so I do not believe you answered my question..just made it more..confusing. And is that server connected to Cele, or no? I'm not about to make a character; I'd prefer not to if it is at all possible. Just happened to find This It has answered my question more or less. Seems I'll be spending a day or two (maybe less) on Chaos.
  8. I see. Well I wasn't positive . I'd suggest; Germania Animal Farm or Judarian Acres Animal Farm Now Open! They are on Cele however so might have to travel a bit or vice versa.
  9. I wasn't sure where to place this, if it's in the wrong place feel free to move it. Well, I was told you can gain more skill on Pvp servers: The wiki wasn't clear on this or I'm just being blind; is Exous a pvp server that you can grind your skills on or would I have to go further to find a pvp server?
  10. That is huge, o.o. Never seen anything bigger then a Champ Scorp, that has changed now obviously.
  11. In Cele 5 speed horses go for 4-5s a pop. Just so you know; I don't know if this price veries on different servers or not.
  12. Any Unsettled Land?

    I haven't played on this sever so couldn't tell you; either go even further along a shore line and you just might find some undeeded land. If not, go inland more and you'll be more likely to encounter non-deeded land from my experience on Cele. When a new server opens; everyone rushes to deed the shore land.