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  1. I uninstalled and reinstalled java like 3 times, and went through a bunch of "do I have java installed" links on their site...and now the mod is working for me. "shrug"
  2. I'm hoping this will help. When I try to start the modlauncher.bat, I get... "Unrecognized VM option 'OptimizeStringConcat' Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.
  3. Still not having any luck. I was looking forward to not having the priest limitations while my wife and I play this, but nothing I have done has gotten the .bat to work properly. P.S.- Thanks for the work on this ago. It is much appreciated, especially knowing that you get no compensation for your time spent.
  4. I had started with it in the individual server directory, then realized my mistake, and instead copied the filed into the root directory. I deleted that server, and made a new one when I found it wasn't working, but even then when I use modlauncher.bat (both without and with admin privileges) the window just opens and closes. I've tried downloading a new copy of the mod and replacing the files, to no avail. Verifying game cache now. Edited: After verifying, I still have the same issues. Window opens and closes instantly before I get to see what it's saying. I have deleted the local game files, and am redownloading. Edited again: Redownloaded the game, made sure my java was up to date, but still have the same issue. modlauncher.bat just opens and closes right away.
  5. Hmm, I'm not able to get this to work. I'm unzipping it into my Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server folder, then I use modlauncher.bat. A command window opens and closes right away. I then start Wurm dedicated server, and join it. I made a character, made it a GM, flew it to the altar, became a follower, raised my favor to 30, became a priest, tp'ed back to my starter town. I quit the game, removed my GM'ness, but when I get back into the game, I still can't dig or improve items.
  6. How do I make my character into a champion? I want to be able to use the priest spells, without the penalties of being a priest. I've raised my characters faith to 100, and raised my soul strength and depth to 25 each. Went to the altar and prayed, but nothing.