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  1. Hi , i am sorry. I must have missed the PM. Can you please send again? I will be online most of the weekend.....and thank you!!!
  2. Hi do you sell dye's by small barrel's? If so I would like to order Cyan, small barrel, Violet/purple small barrel as well send COD please to Hollydaye (CAD) if possible.
  3. having the same problem, logging in - says servers are online but cannot log in.
  4. hi, I have the exact same problem, except now it is telling me that it cannot open the .jnlp. Also, the icon is not showing up in the area you described above, could there be another problem or area to look into? I haven't been able to get on and play for about 2 weeks now. Is there a workaround?
  5. Hey Toecutter - do you still make dye? I need a dark purple dye in a barrel - please contact Rhaege. Thanks,
  6. I am interested in buying this toon.  I didn't see a bid, but I will buy it straight out at 300 euros.  Please let me know.

  7. hi there, I will take a full set of level 90 or 91 if you still have any available.  Please let me know.


    Toon name in game:   Rhaege

    1. HuhWhat


      [06:14:09] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.



  8. wait a minute...what? That isn't how snipe protection works
  9. that isn't how it works Elf.
  10. This has snipe protection for an hour