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  1. Cheap Large magic chest [SOLD]

    Great seller. Paid and received. Even allowed me to borrow a wagon to move it to shore.
  2. Cheap Large magic chest [SOLD]

  3. Cheap Large magic chest [SOLD]

  4. Keep items alive after PMK disbands

    Some of us are PvE players. Not going on a glitchy PvP server, thanks though.
  5. Keep items alive after PMK disbands

    Well, I'm very disappointed in this. Was collecting all the wagons, flags and tall banners and now I see that this occurs. A kingdom falling shouldn't send a ripple through space time to screw with existing graphical items.
  6. WTS 93ql potion of mining

    Please CoD it to Shisumi Thank you.
  7. Close pls.

    Master provided great service for custom weapon enchants on a rare 2-hander.
  8. Compasses

    CoD the 71.53(W82), the 71.10(W81) and the 70.25(W85) ones to Shisumi please.
  9. WTS 10C ea - rugs, backpacks, water skin

    2 backpacks, 2 water skins, send to Shisumi Thanks,
  10. I can confirm that with a QL 14 range pole, you can build length 11 and 14 bridges at a minimum. We have done so many times over the past few weeks.
  11. I'm currently going to assume it is 2 hours from the last "valid" bid?
  12. <shakes fist at insano rich Chaos man>