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  1. Great seller. Paid and received. Even allowed me to borrow a wagon to move it to shore.
  2. Some of us are PvE players. Not going on a glitchy PvP server, thanks though.
  3. Well, I'm very disappointed in this. Was collecting all the wagons, flags and tall banners and now I see that this occurs. A kingdom falling shouldn't send a ripple through space time to screw with existing graphical items.
  4. Please CoD it to Shisumi Thank you.
  5. Master provided great service for custom weapon enchants on a rare 2-hander.
  6. CoD the 71.53(W82), the 71.10(W81) and the 70.25(W85) ones to Shisumi please.
  7. 2 backpacks, 2 water skins, send to Shisumi Thanks,
  8. I can confirm that with a QL 14 range pole, you can build length 11 and 14 bridges at a minimum. We have done so many times over the past few weeks.
  9. I'm currently going to assume it is 2 hours from the last "valid" bid?