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  1. Looks cool but its not useful at all. Walking and traveling on that terrain will be awful.
  2. I am about to start playing your map on my own private server, thanks for making it available.
  3. Found this: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/132766-in-game-map-change-to-custom-map/ Looks like its not really worth it at the moment
  4. How do you make it so the in game map changes to the custom one?
  5. Thanks... Do I need to set it back to false after a retsrat or just leave it on true?
  6. I cannot forage or botanize on ANY tile. It says its picked clean on EVERY one. Anyone know how to set servers to have the tiles reset on startup? I do not want to have to wait 24 hours before I can forage and botanize
  7. It looks like when you copy Adventure it takes on the rates from Creative, so you have to manually set them back to Adventures rates.
  8. The Rebuild Database seems to mess things up quite a bit. #1. Turns the server to Winter (I fixed that one). #2. When choosing to copy Adventure once you rebuild the database the skillups and stuff are way too fast. Like chop a tree down really quickly and only get 1 log from it? **Does not seem to retain what Adventure should be set to.
  9. But they are there **EDIT** I was dumb and created a network shortcut to my Server and not a local /blush