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  1. I was thinking of buying 20-30 iron lumps, at most 30. I was thinking 40cop maybe? UPDATE: Turns out Zuvelis was really cool, he pretty much gave me the 30 lumps for free of charge. All I had to do was pay the tax for the mail delivery. Really nice guy
  2. Wanting to sell Rare Leather Pants for 3s msg me if your interested.
  3. Very awesome seller, I bought a 77 coc groom brush for him at a very nice price. He even had other power chant options ready. Definitely recommend him
  4. RedExorcist is going as a fighter and is cooler then Camb!
  5. RedExorcist the mighty slayer of hens and roosters will be there!
  6. Lastreaper will be there as will
  7. RedExorcist will be there with his friend lastreaper. Unfortunately im the only fighter between the two of us.
  8. Will players living around starter towns like Esteron, Whitefay and etc have at least some kind of say into changing the design of the starter towns
  9. ill be there! armed and ready! never underestimate the power of the scouts code!
  10. RedExorcist will be there. Hes a fighter
  11. Also if anyone is wondering if we have teamspeak we do. Go ahead and msg us for the info. We welcome anyone to get on and talk.