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  1. Fast travel

    I don't know what is that bug but i like it. Exodus to Xanadu in less than 30 minutes. And NO i'm not selling my knarr.
  2. I accidentaly discovered a very quick way to drop things like dirt in a cart or a boat directly to the ground. Useful when terraforming. Like everyone i use keybind and advanced keybind for many actions and actually for TAKE and DROP. When pressing the take key to put a pile of dirt from the cart in the inventory to drop it on the ground, i pressed the two key together to discover that the dirt went staight on the ground. Of course i didn't understand what happenned and tried again and again, disenbarked, embarked, embarked with animal hitched, from a boat, tried with an alt from another server and on another computer, always the same result. Suspecting that it could be a considered as an exploit i repported it to a GM (call 71712). After investigating he told me that it was ok and it is not an exploit because we can very quickly see the dirt hitting the inventory before dropping. I hope this can help your terraforming process. You have to press Take and drop exactly at the same time or eventually the take like 0.01 sec before or it will not work.