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  1. Lake water colour corrupt when leaving mine.
  2. If the objective of the Highway system change was to remove the need for GM's to referee Highway disputes what other solutions were considered? Why not remove highways altogether for instance. In commenting on the new system. Is it really wise to create structures that are really difficult to remove even if said builder has moved away or left game? How many places are already littered with deeds decaying on forever upkeep? - at least they decay. Building without reference to the local community where there is no intention to be a part of the local community is already an issue, now we add highways to the mix? Why would we reward anyone with a quasi-permanent off-deed structure, that was not being used, maintained or bringing cash to the game? Are we not in danger of creating lands where all the highway projects are a done deal with nothing for new folk to tackle other than highway the place to death. Surely with the exception of a few existing highways decay due to lack of use / maintenance / upkeep would recycle opportunity for new players.