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  1. Patch Notes 23.12.2015: Regarding a poll for the "No Priest Restrictions" Mod we've asked some of our players and everyone was in favor. So it was added among some other mods. Moon Metal Mining - Glimmersteel/Adamantine veins aren't limited to 55 ressources. Bulk Storage Transfer Limits - Move up to 100 items between containers, not counting your max capacity weight. Spellmod - Your actions arent restricted as priest, also cast other light/dark domain spells, prayers arent limited(still 20 min cooldown).
  2. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share it. I'm using some of Wurm's decompiled code with it so it's not totally my own work. But if you want to, you can add me on steam and maybe I can help you a bit. My steam profile is: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009798814/
  3. As far as I know you can't really recreate the hashing function from java because it works on a bytecode level. As a workaround I've made a small java program which gets called via the php exec() function to generate the correct hashes. Maybe node.js has a similar function.
  4. First the username gets hashed with SHA-1 then encoded with Base-64. In case of my Username the String would be like this: Ahava = Hash with SHA-1 + base64 = MjExMTU0OTVjODcxZjJjYWNkYTMwZDgzYmJlZjlhNTg3ZjBhMWJjNg== The Users Steam ID is set infront of the Base-64 String like this: 76561198009798814MjExMTU0OTVjODcxZjJjYWNkYTMwZDgzYmJlZjlhNTg3ZjBhMWJjNg== Both are then hashed again while the bytes from the string are used as salt. They get hashed with the PBKDF2WithHmacSHA1 algorithm, 1000 iterations and 192 length. I tried to recreate it in php but sadly php doesn't support PBKDF2WithHmacSHA1. Now I'm trying to make a mod which puts the SteamID directly in the database.
  5. Sorry, we had already changed this in the servers but forgot to change it in the posts. Thanks for the information!
  6. TL;DR Server Name: Wurmfinity [PVE | PVP | 3xSkill 5xAction] Dedicated 24/7 server, located in a datacenter 3x skill 5x action PvE and PvP server Experienced team with over 5 years of server administration experience Own IRC Server where you can create private channels to chat with you village or ask for help in the #help channel (irc.wurmfinity.com +6697) Random Events Usergenerated Maps No Wipes Homepage: https://wurmfinity.com Forum: https://forum.wurmfinity.com Shape We provide a usercreated map with a small prepared spawnarea from which you will start your journey into the wilderness. You can join an existing town or start your own, shape the world sufficient to your needs, only your imagination will set the limits. Players from all around the glove are welcome! Survive You start out with the standard itemset. Three Merchants and one Bartender will cater to your needs on the PvE-lands. Strive for the greater good on PvP-lands in a race to become a demigod yourself. Share Strive into the wilderness, gather ressources. Establish trading connections to the adjacent towns and rise to the top. General rules: There are virtually no rules as. We expect you to be a mature-human-being with a carefull mouth. If you can "abuse" it or "grief" you are free to do so. The game pretty much holds your hand and tells you initially to not leave stuff unlocked and any unsecured items can be lost, if you get your goodies stolen by not having your stuff secured properly, well, we can't do much about it. Server Description: Wurmfinity Dedicated Server, 3x skill 5x action Custom map 2048² size! Come on in and enjoy 3x skill gains and 5x action timers! 200 player slots with 1 PVE and 1 PVP server. A growing community also means we will be increasing the slots and launch other connections to PVE-lands. Two GM staff to help players out. Please use the forum support section to create a ticket, so we get notifications. GM's dont have any permissions to build or shape the world in any way so your experience will be untouched. As our community grows, we will be looking for other staff members. Current features: 20k Mobs, 30% Aggressive. Traders have plenty of money to buy your valuable goods. Deeds: Default Upkeep Default Initial Purchase Values PvP World Fieldgrowth-timers: 1 RL hour Base Skills: 1.0 Base Stats: 20.1 Backups every three hours Default ore spawn values with a very small percentage to find adamantine and glimmersteel veins Mods: Digging Like Mining - Drop dirt in piles when dug rather than into inventory. Skillgain for breed. Cropmod - Disable Crops turning into weeds. Harvest Helper - Allows mounted harvest, tells you when the next season starts. Prospectmod - Allows you to prospect cave floors. Moon Metal Mining - Glimmersteel/Adamantine veins aren't limited to 55 ressources. Bulk Storage Transfer Limits - Move up to 100 items between containers, not counting your max capacity weight. Spellmod - Your actions arent restricted as priest, also cast other light/dark domain spells, prayers arent limited(still 20 min cooldown). Modloader - Easier for us to add mods. Let us know if you see any you'd like! Custom mods in development. Thinking about a mod-idea? Tell us! We'll consider programming it ourselves. Future: As we get more players, we would like to run events to break up the usual hassle with unique creature hunting and getting that last skill point to reach the next cap. Featuring a twitter account which announces rumors about any given events such as lotteris, unique creature spawns, newly founded towns and much more! New PvE-Lands connected as population increases. NO WIPES. The server will be open 24/7 and can be found in the server browser under the name "Wurmfinity [PVE | PVP | 3xSkill 5xAction]". We're looking forward to seeing you there to shape, share and survive together to create a great Wurm experience! Teamspeak 3 server: wurmfinity.com Server Specifications: CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-4770 Processor (8M Cache, up to 3.90 GHz) RAM: 32 GB DDR3 Network Uplink: 1 Gigabit Port Server Location: DE Dedicated offsite backup space Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/wurmfinity
  7. Thank you! That was the solution, I was looking to much into it and even re-setup the server multiple times while keeping the database, the error just didn't come to my mind.
  8. Unfortunately I can't set the "External IP" to the one of my server, since the server is located in a datacenter and the internal one is the same as the external.
  9. Hello. We are effortlessly trying to connect our PvP and PvE servers. They are running on a dedicated server and are both listed in the steam-inbuilt-serverlist. Server one (PvE) is marked as Login, all ports are forwarded. Trying to connect to the second server using an ingame sailing boat while travling alongside the correct coast causes an error: "Failed to contact the login server. Please try again later". We've also enable incoming RMI on both servers .Screenshots of our configuration are included. Server 1 Local Server: Server 1 Server Neighbors: Server 2 Local Server: Server 2 Server Neighbors:
  10. I made a quick list of the changed files in the latest patch: http://pastebin.com/R1BGs1KV