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  1. All third party mods, if updated would be likely be posted in this forum with a download link to upload, if you are with us we would be happy to help point you in the right direction
  2. Hello, please PM me your ticket number and we will investigate and resolve this for you. We have had many tickets regarding this wurm-update and anyone using the modloader\mods would be affected
  3. Hello, the latest wurm update, if you were using the mod-loader, requires that you click the uninstall and then install in the mod-manager to get the latest version, the older version of the mod-loader is no longer compatible with this latest update. Doing this will install the latest version, as it has always been. This is the same for third party mods you use with the modloader, many of these are outdated and no longer working. We recommend you disable the mods you currently have and slowly re-activate them one by one until it stops functioning, the webconsole will display an error if a mod is at fault, however the best solution would be to chase up the third party mods for updates that you use and upload them, this can be done via the file manager or FTP
  4. We are proud to announce that we are now offering a new Game Server Hosting Location. In Sydney, Australia! Order your Sydney, Australia hosted Dedicated Game Server Today.
  5. The only way we would have card details is if they provide them to us, if you were paying via paypal only then any charge woudl be via Paypal. Unless you cancel your service you will be auto-billed this is a subscription based service until you cancel it which only takes one minute to undertake and cancel your service. When you sign up for a service with us that's monthly, 3, 6, 12 months etc and choose to pay via Paypal, then it clearly states it will create a subscription, you have to agree to this. If you were paying via card and did not cancel your service, you will be auto-charged, it's no different from a subscription with your mobile phone supplier, broadband etc. You agree to this in our terms of service, there are no cancellation fees and you can cancel at any time.
  6. Hi Coolboy, i can confirm we are developing a intergrated webserver per each client, we will be supplying WUA to all clients and will be offering a live SQLITE editor also for our clients to manage their databases efficiently, we don't have an ETA for release yet however
  7. XMAS SALE @ thru to Dec 31! 15% OFF ALL Game Servers Code "XMAS16" on Citadel Servers… … *** RETWEET this on Twitter to WIN 1 of 15 $20 STEAM Gift Cards!
  8. Hi Marlon, we are sorry to hear you are having issues, you have a unique name so i am sure that you are the affilated person in question ( In Netherlands) I have wrote an answer to your statements above which i hope will address any misconceptions for you and others with your posting Our website sits behind a CDN (Cloudflare) and is in the cloud across Canada, USA, France and UK and is accessible at all times. You can check cloudflares status here: However there has been no reported downtime for Netherlands Cloudflare and our website has 100% uptime. If you are unable to access the website currently then it would be a network connectivity issue between yourself, Your ISP and the network between your ISP's infrastructure and our webhosting\cloudflare. However you state you are having network issues with your Game Server in Amsterdam which is hosted entirely seperate (Different datacenter, network etc), this would certainly mean you have on-going local connection issues. We have had no reports from the 100s of people we host for in our Amsterdam location in-regards to our website access or game server hosting\dedicated servers nodes. We would like to help you and come to a resolution in any way we can, however it's out of our hands if there if you are indeed having localised network issues, we would recommend that you please contact your ISP regarding the connectivity\routing issues. It may be possible another hosting location may be preferable for you where your able to correctly network between your local network and that datacenter e.g. our France\UK locations, we can certainly move you to these locations to test, free of charge, however for Wurm, it's IP specific and as such as the IP will change but your routing issues may be resolved.
  9. Black Friday Finale Special Offer End of black friday - Today only (29th November) Order just 1GB of RAM for your Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Game server and get the 2nd GB of RAM Free! Order your Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Game Server today.
  10. Hi Eject, this is any new order, if you order any new game or voice server with us, they will have 10% off with this code, this is recurring and stacks with billing cycles e.g. 20% off for annual commitment
  11. Citadel Servers proudly presents, the Black Friday-Cyber Monday 2016 sale! 10% off all servers with the code BFCM10 This code works for all games, billing cycles, and every new purchase. Click here to Order Your Server
  12. Hi there, yes the Wurm Clock mod is supported, please raise a support ticket with us if you need assistance utilizing it
  13. Every one of our dedicated server nodes has an independent FTP server, if anything were to happen to one of our FTP servers it would only affect one node, at this time we are fully operational and have no issues with any FTP servers, if you ever have any issues with connecting to FTP, feel free to put in a support ticket and one of our team will investigate and provide a resolution to the issue, i am glad you have resolved your software issue, as Wulfrock suggested, FileZilla is a great FTP client and we recommend this software, we have FTP use and connection guides utilizing this software
  14. @pepofaec I passed this on to one of our developers and the issue was an favicon using http instead of https: Mixed Content: The page at '' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure favicon ''. This content should also be served over HTTPS. While mixed content poses no threat, we thank you for your report, This is now resolved and SSL is listed as secure again.
  15. That's news to us Pepofaec, we are currently hosting many of the Wurm Unlimited servers out there and still offer the most intergrated solution of any host, we host some of the largest Wurm communties out there who stand by us because of our industry leading customer service and full-featured control panel that no other host can beat.