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  1. Wyvern

    Love this server, great work from the Wyvern team.
  2. Thanks for all the help guys, the grass is definitely greener!
  3. So enabling a disabled network adapter worked for you haha? Edit - Right, I just ran the server from within the game client (Not the dedicated version) and it showed up straight away but obviously this isn't ideal. Could it be a windows firewall issue with the dedicated server? I've checked and every program involved has both an inbound and outbound rule in the firewall so I don't see why that would stop it.
  4. Unfortunately I've tried opening all of the ports (Even though I ran the server and connected to it fine before I'd opened them) and it didn't help. I also made sure I only have 1 network adapter enabled, it's just strange that it happened so suddenly. I'm stumped! Thanks for the suggestion though
  5. Hi, I was running my LAN server with no issues last night but it suddenly stopped showing in the game client server browser. I can still see it in the Steam server browser but I can't connect from there or see it in the in game one, anybody else having this issue or know what could be causing it? It stopped showing after I edited the WORLDTIME figure in one of the SQL files but I've since deleted and redownloaded the server and it still won't show so I doubt it was that. Cheers
  6. It's not that, it looks like it's trying to start the server on the correct IP but for some reason it can't bind it. I don't have anything else using that port so I've no idea why I can't start the server. I'm now having another issue where I can't even see my server in the LAN tab of the server browser after changing nothing. Trying a fresh install of the client but again no idea why this has happened.
  7. It's a strange one, I was running a server and connecting to it fine then I changed something in one of the SQL files and now I'm having the same issue. I've tried using different versions though with the unedited DB so it could be something on CC's end Edit - I can actually see it in the Steam Servers interface just not in the WU Client server list
  8. It is the IP address assigned to my computer, but rather than the LAN IP of it's the above IP shown in the logs
  9. Hi, I've been playing with the server in local mode for a few hours and wanted to test putting it online so I forwarded the ports and added my external IP in to the server config - problem is now it looks like there's some sort of java exception/crash every time I try to start the server. It's tough to see exactly what the little cmd window is saying, do we get an error log that I could post up here? Cheers Edit: Found the log file, this seems to be the important bit - does it just look like I need to play around with the ports some more? Oct 21, 2015 9:53:43 PM com.wurmonline.communication.SocketServer <init> INFO: Creating Wurm SocketServer on / Oct 21, 2015 9:53:43 PM com.wurmonline.server.Server shutDown INFO: Shutting down the server - reason: Problem running the server - Cannot assign requested address: bind Oct 21, 2015 9:53:43 PM com.wurmonline.server.Server shutDown INFO: Shutting down the server - cause: Cannot assign requested address: bind at Method) at Source) at Source)
  10. Also having this issue, custom map I made seems to want to be snowy
  11. Wyvern

    Did you guys figure out how to change the server time? I've got my custom map to load up but it's all snowy