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  1. It's all good I like to help out if I can in any small way. Make things better for everyone.
  2. Nevermind, I found out how to do it myself I had to click on a tile border next to it, then make a mine door, which covered the hole, then i can change the mine door tile.
  3. Hi all. I was changing a single terrain tile to sand and misclicked, and changed it to a hole, now i cannot change that tiles terrain back, anyone can help me out here please ? :/ Its just what it says, a hole in the world that you fall through and die, nothing there to target to change the terrain again.....
  4. choose create, filter the word dye, then under the item dropbox are the standard colour choices, red, blue, white, black, green yellow etc
  5. Stream is live and we are working on East Britain !
  6. Yes possibly, for now though its not a major issue Thanks.
  7. Nevermind I found the problem and fixed it myself Now I would like to know if it is possible that once a mission is complete, is there a way to stop it being started again for say....1 minute ?
  8. I could not get that to work Lucifer, this is my stream if you could pop in and take a look, I would greatly appreciate it I can get the options up etc while you watch then and we can talk in twitch easier.
  9. I will give that a quick try Lucifer, thankyou. I can do better than screenshots, I can stream it while you watch and we can talk, but let me try what you said first.
  10. Yes we are still going and plan to be for a very long time The stream is up and running again right now !
  11. Hi all Not too sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I hope Im correct ! This is on our Wurm Unlimited server, we are making a diagonal gravel road and its not the correct graphic. I hope this can get fixed asap ! Here is the picture.
  12. Still hoping someone can help out with this please :)
  13. Stream is live as Britain continues to be built.