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  1. Ya looks like that VBO settings is some kind of Intel work around so I have no idea why it fixed my problem either. No idea but it did.
  2. Yes those are pretty much my settings aside from AA being turned on. Thank you!
  3. Awesome! Glad it worked for you too. Ya I can't remember what that vbo setting is. I used to know. Whew glad I got it sorted as it was driving my OCD off a cliff.
  4. Well I am not sure if this was the problem but you might try this. I was looking at the gamesetting.cfg file. On the Steam client the setting vbo_enabled=1 was disabled in the same file on the stand alone client. I changed that from 0 to 1 on the stand alone client and now its working. Try that
  5. Hello Wurmians. To make a long story short, after being a long time player on Xanadu I decided to start over with the new Steam launch and servers. I created a new char in the Steam client last night and really impressed with the new visuals as I havent played in a while. Then I started thinking I am not sure I want my new char tied forever to Steam considering now much of an investment gets put into a good Wurm character. Then I found out I could play on the new servers and use the client from the official website like I always have so I downloaded the newest 64bit version and created another new char on Harmony. I was just concerned that is the whole Steam experiment doesn't work out for some reason I don't want my char lost because I cant use it with the store at the official site. Once I logged in with the new character I noticed the graphics dont looks as nice. The ambient occlusion is not working no matter where I set it and I am not sure the modern rendering is working honestly. Is there some reason this might be? All settings are the same between the two clients but the visuals are NOT the same at all. Any advice would be helpful, thank you
  6. Ya it's a very different community now a days then years ago. I let my premium expire a while back for the first time in a long long time. I was thinking about coming back and resubbing but after reading all that is going on with Wurm Steam and the devs basically just leaving the faithful WU community out to dry with no final update to bring WU up to where WO is now was pretty much the final nail for me. Now the devs want to further divide the community with some new Steam version of WO? Nawww im done supporting these guys and WO, at least until they rethink things but I am pretty sure that wont happen as I am sure this is just a last ditch attempt to keep the game alive. I guess I can certainly understand that but I don't have to agree with or support how they are going about it. I will play WU and support the server admins of that version with the money WO would have got from me. Sorry to hear about your deed troubles, its just the nature of the players now unfortunately. Good luck!
  7. I was just going to make a post about the anti-aliasing in the modern renderer as I just tried it for the first time and immediately went back to the legacy option. Has there been any decisions or progress made on adding more AA options to the new renderer? This thread is quite old now so would like to know what the plan is. FXAA and SMAA are post processing AA and will not solve the problem. Will there be real proper AA added to the modern renderer? MSAA ? Please do NOT do away with the legacy renderer or make new visuals dependent on the modern renderer only until this has been addressed. Thanks
  8. Ok update, the dev on Discord figured it out. I dont know if you have Comcast too but I do and it appears it has something to do with them not pointing to the correct address for the update. Dev had me add this "" to your Host file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\. That forces your isp to the correct address for the update. Mine connected immediately once I did that. The dev also said might not want to rely on that forever. Give it a couple days to see if ISP catches up and corrects itself then just put # in front of that entry in your Host file. Hope that helps.
  9. Ya it works fine with VPN. I used Avira Free. I picked Australia. By the way I did not come up with this work around, some other nice forum goer had to do it and told me about.
  10. Will do for sure. The best they can tell so far is its a dns issue but will post here if I get it fixed.
  11. Ya I had to connect through a VPN and it updated and connected immediately but without the VPN no dice. One of the devs is on Discord trying to help now.
  12. Not running a software firewall like one person with this problem and not seeing two jplaunchers running like another one sooooooo. Is there some port that is needed now that was not need yesterday? Did something change? Do I need to open a port that was not required yesterday? Devs, you wrote this program so I assume you know how it works?
  13. Ya unfortunately I am not running a software firewall and I do not see that process remaining running after I close the launcher. There is something for sure keeping the launcher from connecting to the update files server though. I wonder if they changed something that requires a different port to be forwarded for updates or something with this update. Very frustrating
  14. Oh ya the servers are up and people are on. Are you in the US? Maybe they are just shutting us out.