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  1. Is there a way to have Female Horses give birth quicker? I am hosting a server with two other friends and I don't want to wait 10 days. Also is there a way to age your foal faster but, keep the normal rate the same for the rest of the ages? I would like to be able to ride them asap but, don't want them to age too quickly after foal and die any help will be appreciated
  2. and Thank you all for helping me! Love you all!
  3. So my friend and I are wondering , When CoC is applied to a tool/weapon it increases skill gain but also increases the action time it takes to do one action, and when WoA is applied to a tool it decreases the time to do an action but also decreases the skill gain, so one, is it worth having both on the same tool and two if the answer to one is yes then what is the best ratio of CoC and WoA to get the best skill gain and the best action time to where it isn't to much skill gain loss but, it also doesn't take a week to complete one task lol
  4. Can someone please just tell me their X/Y (ex. x 169 y 204) Coordinates in Numbers and the Coordinates on the map (ex. A 19) TY
  5. what if i change the server to PvP and have my friend make an alt and have him Champion'd repeatedly and I kill him over and over and over till i have a ton of points then do the same with him (with my alt) until we both have enough points to not care then switch to pve?
  6. As the Title suggests my friend and I are on a PvE server with just us and we want to be priests on our mains but, the penalties are just a pain so we decided to become champions and we can't enchant at all without champion points. Is there a way to give champion points to our characters in-game or would we have to edit the database and if so, how?
  7. it still won't let me set him as a champion though
  8. so how would i go about making the other character a champion (i have a friend on the server with me)
  9. today was a scarey day in wurmia
  10. anyone come up with any solutions yet?
  11. tried everything nothing worked QQ I think imma revert all my stoof back to the way it was for now and check this post tomorrow to see if anyone has come up with a solution
  12. nope it didn't work QQ does my Alignment need to be at 100?