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  1. There is a man made lake on deli (Around H7) where you can easily get a repeat on this bug. It is a shallow lake/pond in which you can walk through and happens when riding a horse. Probably to shallow for boats though. Pushing W and D at the same time, happening 90% of the time on the tile that transitions from land to lake (first water tile). EDIT: Also happens very easily when just turning. Holding A or D.
  2. This is a bad idea in the way you currently have it. It automatically pops up? Like kat said that would be annoying when looking around places with lots of placed objects. If you were to stick with this, it would be best to implement a radial menu. Hold your mouse over said item, hold hotkey down, radial menu pops up, move mouse over needed action, let go of the hotkey button or click to initiate action. Also I am curious, wouldn't that require requests from the UI everytime you scroll over something, so if you moved your mouse in a heavy area with lots of objects, would you end up getting performance drops? Radial menu:
  3. There is no definite answer as to if wurm is cheap as we all have a different perspective on the value of money. Some people live paycheck to paycheck, others don't. Some people see a $20 bill as pocket change and others will see more value in it. People who have spare money will obviously see it as cheap whereas someone living paycheck to paycheck may see it differently. Wurms playerbase is people from all walks of life. Teenagers to elderly, given that you will see a wide range of opinion on this question.
  4. Recently returned after couple year hiatus. Had a dream about Wurm. Was in a land of HUGE carts pulled by trolls and people were jumping out the cart running...was really weird dream. Few days later I decided to play again. Reluctant because I knew my deed had disbanded and all my gear and stuff looted and gone but wanted to see how the areas has developed, new players, new deeds, new features. I had kept an eye on wurm updates and press releases and saw many new changes so came back. Upon entering deli, I stood at the spot where my old deed token was. My mine had collapsed, my guard tower still standing, farm fields dried up and replaced with grass, hedges still growing around what was a resting area and looked like someone deeded over my old deed. Decided to go check on my neighbor Teslian...nothing but a sailboat and few other abandoned items remained on his deed. Guess he had stopped playing, been almost 3 years since he logged on. Kept exploring towards nightmare lake where it once had deeds all along the bank. Found a couple of deeds and tons of mobs. At this point I started to wonder what happen, where did everyone go? The last time I played you could not find a open plot of land around the lakes and coast as these were prime locations for deeds and ports filled with merchant ships being filled to carry out their trade contracts and sell their bulk goods. Continued to explore beyond the lake and found plots of land where deeds once stood, players once lived and villages thrived on fields of veggies, hunters roaming the woods, farmers tending the fields, smiths hammers smacking metal and making weapons and tools and villagers gathering materials from mines and surrounding areas. I discovered plot after plot of open land, nothing but slabs and pathways for as far as the eye could see remained. Abandoned forges, bulk storage bins and furniture litter the ground. I felt alone surrounded by mobs, where once you would be protected by higher skilled fighters in town and players grinding their fighting skill. I carefully headed back to familiar regions where I would feel safe as I had a few rare tools, tools I had purchased and various other items I did not want to lose left in my inventory. Continuing to explore, I wanted to find a deed, a player...something, anything. Gave a wave in chat o/ I was surprised to see some familiar names Ellenmarie, mrcoolman, were still playing, so I knew that there was people still around. An half hour later after finding nothing, I decided to make a house to hold my stuff while I explored more. Built a little house and farm on top of a small hill. Had to continue my mission to find another human being. There has to be people near Greendog! It's the main spawn, right? So, I found my way back to Greendog (I actually died and that's how I found my way back but shhhh nobody has to know that) which had a nice makeover, the area around had houses and was built up. Felt better, found civilization, so I thought. Roaming the area looking for a person to pop up on local chat...nobody?? What is going on here? I left and started to head back to my house. Finding out this new highway marker system I found my way to Rainbow Bridge, an landmark I remember watch being built. Always thinking wow this guy is crazy, as I was unskilled back then and couldn't do what he was doing. Farming alone, mining alone, built a forge and replaced some of the tools I had lost when my deed disbanded. On one hand I felt wow I can get a lakeside deed now, but all my neighbors had vanished. All of the players has vanished. Nameless lake where Seara's (misspelled?), Elof's deed once stood, again nothing but ruins. I remember nameless lake being a active area with many players and villages and ports. Deliverance Keep still stood proud and active that has merchants. Fossils deed still stood strong and also Aldura's (sorry spelling) big castle still stood and another deed in the area. I had stopped playing around the time that Aldura was building that castle. So I decided to stay in the area since it seemed to be the most active area I found. Finally, someone logged on. Met Suveli, a long time player. We chatted for awhile and was a friendly fellow so I decided to deed in the area on Elof's old plot...Port Genesis was born. Found it to be a fitting name as it means " the origin or mode of formation of something." Was nice to see deeding has got quite a bit cheaper and the 10 silver form was replaced with a deed stake. Upkeep was much cheaper also. I have a goal to bring the area back to its former glory, hopefully active enough to intrigue other players or new players to deed the area and build it up. I feel wurm has advanced and made progress with updates, content, bug fixing but the playerbase has dwindled down...I ventured through the forums and hit up WU forum. I see many old names had migrated over to WU. Born and lived on deliverance for the entirety of my time playing, I felt I could not abandon it. It was home. It IS home.
  5. Tribute to Grammy-nominated electronic dance DJ Avicii as the EDM community and fans world wide mourn his passing. Publicist Diana Baron said in a statement that the Swedish performer, born Tim Bergling aka Avicii, was found dead in Muscat, Oman. Loved his music and melodies he introduced... RIP Tim RIP You will be missed.
  6. WO does appear on some sites but it seems the sites lost interest, not receiving updates from press releases, or slid of their radar. 2015 seems to be a time where this connection was lost. First page on a "wurm online news" search with bing. (This site is staying up to date)
  7. I got some keys and locks in my altar i haven't sacced yet. 6 boat locks and 4 keys. But the others I sacced.
  8. I am making boat locks and there is times when no key is produced with the boat lock. CA Help told me that it should create a key EVERY time you make the lock. I made 9 locks and 5 keys popped up. This seems to be easily replicated as 4 out of 9 locks failed to produce a key. - I am positive that the keys did not end up grouped with other keys. - Renamed my good keys and put them in backpack.
  9. When you light a forge, campfire, oven and you push, pull or place it after it is lit the flame will keep it's current position and not update.
  10. Hats do not sit properly on top of the head. Many times they are off to the left
  11. 6 years and this thread is still going guess that's is one thing we all have in common, love for music. The jam they do that is at the end of the video for Toto is AWESOME!
  12. I ran into this problem again this week. Couldn't connect for a couple days. Flushed the dns and restarted comp and it worked. To flush DNS on windows: - Win+R - type in cmd and hit enter (should take you to command prompt) - Use the "ipconfig /flushdns" command. (c:\windows\system32> ipconfig /flushdns) - Should see a message "Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver cache" if you typed it in correctly - exit window and restart comp
  13. I left the auto-reconnect going and just watched youtube and after about 10-15 minutes it just connected on it's own...very odd. But it seems to work again.
  14. This is the console.log and it seems to be a problem when it tries to connect. Startup Phase - Connecting .. Connection timed out: connect at Method) at Source) at Source) at Source) at class.eylBOysOCs.<init>(SourceFile:166) at class.ZiXOEDuTh.<init>(SourceFile:225) at class.bQecKPCrYb.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:316) at com.wurmonline.client.BILF1iey6X.yuix3IabUz(SourceFile:745) at at Source)