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  1. I'm using DB Browser for SQLite, as I can't figure out how to even LOAD a database with the one that they shipped with the game. What numbers equal what skills? This is a big deal because setting peoples affinities in game doesn't do anything. They currently lose the change on logout. Some people end up with affinities for absolutely worthless skills, which I was hoping to alter and reroll to be nice. Also, as I'm running a PVE server, the only way to really get more affinities is through events I intend to run. Right now, the only way I know to do this permanently is via the database. But all of the skills are purely in numbers, so I have no clue what is what.
  2. My server runs 2x skill gains and 4x activation. GOOD GODS body strength raises slow. We have someone who almost primarily mines and works on his blacksmithing. The server has been going a month or so. He hasn't even hit 23 Body Strength yet. Despite this, I myself have reached 24+ Mind Logic and Body Control. This is crazy. I'd love for a way to tamper with the characteristic gains rates directly. We really don't want to just START people at 23.
  3. Cheers on that one :) Unless the xp bonus trickles to it's sub-skills, what use is it? Correct me if I'm wrong but from what I've been reading, the soul skill itself is useless, but rather it's sub-skills are useful. That said, the player doesn't ever intend to be a priest, so it feels rather wasted :\
  4. So I'm looking through the item database for a map I've made (overlaying the creative map, rather than the adventure map) and there are some... curiosities. Firstly with the item database: There are 875 records in this new maps database, after deleting all of them and starting up the map. The mass majority of these records are based OUTSIDE of the map. This is a 4096 x 4096 map. An example of what I'm seeing: POSX: 13558.0 POSY 5550.0 Secondly, in creatures. We want this to be a non-epic map (unsure if relevant, but saying it just incase) I've noticed that despite having goblin hut spawns miles out of the map, out of 18456 creatures, there are NO GOBLINS. None. At all. What's going on with these databases? D: Also, as a side query: In game you can set peoples affinities, but this doesn't stick at all. When they restart the game, their affinity returns to what it was. We have a player that unluckily ended up with Soul as their affinity, and I wanted to change it to a new random affinity (using a number generator if I have to). How do I change it so it stays changed like skills do (learned that one that hard way, when I thought it would act as Affinities do)
  5. Now if only you could make it a post (instead of a full fence) and ditch the 'not on deed' problem, it'll be awesome
  6. Will you be doing more variations of aggressive creatures?
  7. Ah. That last one. How do I uh... do that? I might just fly about and set the occasional flower tile.
  8. We're having a problem with the path of love. One of our players wants to join the Path of Love but for some reason, our server isn't spawning flower tiles. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a fix that doesn't require flying around, spreading flowers as a GM?
  9. How do you rotate personal merchants in buildings? Can't even seem to do it on my GM character. My personal merchant is forever looking SOUTH. I need her to look NORTH. I've tried summoning while looking in both directions and it's always south Edit: ... Huh. Well that was simple. For the record, to anyone who is newish to this game, trade with them and they turn. Heh.
  10. How is work on this going?
  11. I uh... was just wondering if this would be possible
  12. Can't wait to be able to add this to a new server world for our cluster But I do have a request. It's a huge request. MASSIVE, even. Hell Bears. It has been bugging me since the day I got this game that there are hell hounds, horses, spiders and scorpions... but no bears. Wouldn't it be terrifying to have a freakin' HELL BEAR!?
  13. Inject Map.png

    Requesting a little proggy or whatnot that can quickly replace the freedom map png with whatever custom map you're using. Would definitely be nice, rather than having to go through and do it manually.
  14. That... is probably true. Hmm. Guess it's time to request someone make an easy way to install maps so people joining your server can go, get the map, run something and quickly install it if they want it.
  15. ...Wh... why is this not being handled server side? D: