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  1. STRUCTURE CONSTRUCTION OPTIONS: WALLS It seems surprising to me that after about a decade, we still have the same three wall types and very basic construction creativity options in a, for all intents and purposes, game revolving around construction and design. There isn't a single player who doesn't need a structure of some kind, regardless of PVP or PVE servers. That's why I think it's high time to go through a number of additional option ideas. TYPES OF WALLS Log Cabin: Pretty self explanatory - easier than the wooden plank walls, an ideal first home for a new player - chop some trees down and use the logs as well as a few pegs to create your first home - no nails required! Mud Hut: Gather some dirt and some water, and mix that tincture together for some sloppy, nasty, dirty wet mud to sling up yourself a nice one story, 2x2 tile max size mud hut. Perfect for that long trip when you really need to get some shelter. Tee Pee: Of course, what's better than a good old fashioned Tee Pee when you're a wandering nomad? Nothing, that's what. Get yourself some square pieces of cloth, some shafts, and blammo you've got the makings of a nice cozy native home. WALL PLACEMENT As we all know, roads have overgone a nice little overhaul, for paving you can now pave a corner, which makes diagonal roads look like an actual road. Why not structure walls? Diagonal walls would - all by themselves - make constructing structures far more in-depth and amazing. Pretty simple. Round Wall: Also something I would love to see is a rounded wall, for that castley feel, or that gazebo you've always wanted in the back garden. That's all I've got - if more good ideas show up in the below replies, I'll add em in.
  2. Hey there, Landsalar, located on D 18 in the in game map, is looking for new players and vets alike to join us out here in the central northern coastline, and have a bit of fun. We have a ton of empty space for you to have your own little shop/house on, and we basically have people from all over the world as villagers, there's always someone online, with around 15-18 active individual players that log in regularly. Hit me up in-game, Lothens, or reply to this thread and we'll get you squared away. Also, we have an anti-Taki wall in place, so you'll be safe from him/her/it
  3. Landsalar located x 29, and where y5/6 meet, thanks
  4. I can only find Intel. This isn't a steam download, but I've deleted and reinstalled graphics.jar once. I'm on the WO servers, not unlimited.
  5. So I'm on my Dell, a few year old laptop but still in good working order, and had run wurm in the past fine - just messing about on it for a change, and this is what I see: http://imgur.com/a/MEiqC When I move, the textures change. Halp.
  6. Since the new patch 11/10/15 where we received the (wonderful, thanks) ability to soft push, soft pull items, planted BSBs seem to have acquired a bug. I am mayor of a village, and as such have ownership of all structures within, with the permissions given to each resident set to full so they have all the abilities I have in that structure. In a structure, I have a villager that isn't able to plant BSBs yet, digging skill too low, and I was asked to come plant them for him. I did, and he wasn't able to push/pull/turn them in any form, nor pick them back up, even when double checking the permissions for his structure and making sure they're all there properly. I then had him get his digging to 10.2 to check and see if that was the issue, and it didn't change anything. Thanks, Lothens
  7. UPDATE: We have 3 total players with 7 total characters currently - 1 priest, 1 priest in the works, a smith/miner, and a few all arounders. If you'd like information on joining, /tell Lothens or /tell Mortisinmi in-game, or reply to this post, thanks.