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  1. Why isn't this already in Wurm? There should be instruments and people should be able to make their own music, or play more music than there already is, and choose which to play!
  2. The videos are good, the screenshots are magical and excellent, god damn this is really good! Just in case you haven't seen it yet, http://store.steampowered.com/app/366220/ And I've never seen a mine entrance as awesome as this.
  3. Put attacking your own mount back in! Why take away an option just because some people are careless enough to attack their own horse 'by mistake'?
  4. It should be left in, because if it's taken out we're only catering to people's stupidity (attacking their own horses by mistake) while taking out extra options. Why isn't this already implemented?
  5. You SHOULD be able to attack your own mount while riding it. This adds to the freedom of Wurm - if you can't attack your own mount while riding it, there's no freedom and everything is restricted. When you attack your own mount it makes you feel that it's a human touch - if you take it out it makes things feel much more fake. If you're riding a horse and you have a weapon in your hands, you would be able to attack the horse! That much is clear. It would be silly to take out that option, because it makes things fake and restricted.
  6. You SHOULD be able to attack your own mount while riding it.
  7. In the days following up to Christmas, I propose that we gather in mass and go to Chaos, all join one side and go on a rampage. What do you say?
  8. I prefer PvP servers, but whatever. Now Wurm Unlimited is confirmed, I'm SURE there should be a server that's especially large, much much bigger than say, Independence. A really big, single island (I'd prefer full PvP, but whatever) with tons of room. Basically I'm surprised nobody has decided to make a really large server yet - isn't that what Wurm Unlimited is about?