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  1. Apply the death penalty to every character that's logged in from the same IP in the last hour. The more you abuse, the more you lose.
  2. I'd prefer they NOT require a spirit templar being hired. A separate charge all their own would be fine.
  3. +1 More mobile living places! Gypsy wagons and captains quarters!
  4. Instead of "toxicity", just have a "Healing Potion Resistance" debuff that starts at 100% and ticks down to 0% over time, like the resistances aoe spells cause. The New Player buffs could dramatically reduce the time it takes for the debuff to expire.
  5. I'd love to have some sort of automatic defense against mobs in my area that didn't put my small collection of hostile pets in danger the way a spirit templar does.
  6. Quick proposal for a new system. Just like in the current system, you unlock a new trait slot every 10 skill. All traits are moved into two lists, "Good" and "Bad". When you breed two animals, all the trait slots you have available (number of traits the parents have plus 1, up to your maximum) make a roll to determine if they are filled with a good or bad trait. The chance is 50% for a good trait when you first unlock a trait slot, weighted toward the ones the parents have, and increases with skill. This chance would be affected by things like inbreeding, animal ratio, etc. Maybe magic potions or spells that give a short boost to your chance of a good trait. This way it doesn't matter how many total good or bad traits there are (as long as there are at least 10), only your skill and additional effects. EX: At 10 skill you have 1 slot, with 50% chance of a good trait + 1% per extra skill. At 50 skill you have 5 slots, with a 100% chance of a good trait in the first slot and 50% chance of a good trait in the 5th slot. At 100 Skill you have 10 slots with a 100% chance of a good trait in the first 5 slots and a 50% chance of a good trait in the 10th slot.
  7. Just having detailed explanations of what is required on Wurmpedia would be helpful in the mean time. I just rode 6,000 tiles for the "Ride 4,000 tiles" personal goal and I have no idea why I didn't get credit.
  8. +1 Interesting idea! If you have to not do anything (except chat or move the camera) for the full 12minutes, then it prevents any abuse I can think of. Some sort of event message would be nice, just to let you know you started or ended the "sleep" period.
  9. Maybe make it so it gives half it's weight in compostables as dirt? EX: Put 100 1kg pumpkins in the compost bin, get 100 0.5kg lumps of dirt.
  10. Yeah, my newly (few weeks ago) created alt has had DTH STOP since creation at 1%
  11. Want to make the game more friendly to new players without making it less challenging? Make what things do more obvious. Have a [?] button next to each skill that explains what it does, complete with numbers. The UI should not be the enemy, it should be my ally.
  12. Lead Pipe: Lead sheet + Lead sheet. Improves like blacksmithing items. Water Source: Any container that is placed on a spring tile that fills up. Fountains and wells. Water Receiver: large containers not on a spring tile. Fountains, wells, large tubs, huge oil barrels, possibly others. Creating Sources and Receivers: Use a lead pipe on a well or fountain on a spring tile to turn it into a water source. Once done it cannot be moved, but it can be rotated. Use a lead pip on a fountain, well, large tub or huge oil barrel to turn it into a water receiver. Once done it cannot be moved, but it can be rotated. Connecting Sources and Receivers. Use a lead pipe on a water receiver to get a list of all water sources in range you have permissions for along with the amount of lead pipes needed to connect them. Once connected keep adding pipe until the connection is completed. Each water receiver can be connected to a single source, but each source can be connected to many receivers. Distributing water When examined the water source will list all the water receivers connected to it in the order they were connected. The water source simply goes down this list in order at a set rate, maybe one attempt per minute, and attempts to push 1 liter (or fraction available) of water into the receiver. If the receiver is full this fails, same as if a player had tried to add more liquid to an already full container. Amount of lead pipe needed simple equal to X+Y distance from source to receiver in tiles. All pipe is lost when the connection is broken. Permissions would be tied to plant/secure. Connections and status as a source or receiver broken using a crowbar.
  13. Pottery tile: 2kg Clay + hand Tile floors 3x3 tile floor: 9 pottery tile + 10 mortar 4x4 tile floor: 16 pottery tile + 10 mortar 5x5 tile floor: 25 pottery tile + 10 mortar All floors have a simple square pattern, similar to this, but with tiles being larger or smaller depending on 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5 per wurm tile. BUT! What about color?! Let us color individual tiles. With individual parts of ships being able to be colored, maybe these could get the same ability. Imagine the patterns the could be done!
  14. Well, a priority system maybe. Branded animals take up the "good ratio" slots firt, then unbranded animals fight over whats left. EX: Your deed has capacity for 100 good ratio animals, you have 50 branded animals. You have 50 slots left, lets say you have 50 unbranded cows. Even if suddenly 100 animals show up, only those 50 unbranded cows suffer because you are at 150 out of 50, not 200 out of 100.
  15. +1 Statues of all the standard animals (cows, cats, lions, bison, goblins, wolfs, etc.) would be nice
  16. +1 Well, we already have iron ribbons and iron sheets, why not have the mechanic be like making rendered walls? Plain Stone Brick Wall + 10 Iron Ribbons + 10 Large Nails = Iron Reinforced Wall.
  17. +1 Speed control in general would be nice. Our characters only have full speed and stop at the moment.
  18. +1 Things to get from cactus: Cactus fruit (fruit type food) harvested like a fruit tree. Cactus Juice (from pressing fruit) Cactus seeds (picked from cactus fruit) Cactus Meat (vegetable) from cutting down the cactus. There would not be a cactus wood.
  19. Similar to a wagoner, a buggy for hire would be an NPC sold by traders that follows the highway system. They carry a single passenger per trip. To queue a buggy ride, right click a waystone an "Hire Buggy." You get a message when a buggy is available, right click the waystone where you want the buggy to arrive at. When they arrive there you get a message and a 10 minute grace period before they move on to the next waiting person. When you get in you pay and can pick which deed you will be taken to. Deeds with multiple waystones can designate one as the arrival stone or the buggy driver will pick at random.
  20. +1 Also, other metal altars. Copper, tin, lead, brass, etc.
  21. Like how FSB and BSB have a new model for then they are half full, when a Huge Tub is half full it should look like it's full of water.
  22. The area to the north of Bear Lake and quite a bit of the lake coast is now vacant. Some neighbors but not crowded.