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  1. +1 Plant Naturally -> Short/Medium/Tall Hedge
  2. I generally consider it to be more honest to compare game type to game type, with the Freedom/Chaos/Epic split being 278/52/19 or 80%/15%/5%. Still, having 20% of your player base interested in PvP is nothing to sneeze at, and fits with my experience with games where there is the option to play the same game with or without pvp.
  3. Put them on a no-deed hunting server and let the devs go wild!
  4. Server: Deliverance Date: May 26 Item: Seryll lump, QL 54.35, Rift reward Ingame ticket: #62655 The seryll lump, weight 0.25, was placed in a BSB. When retrieved shortly afterward, the lump was weight 0.22. There was no material in the BSB. Effect was tested again. Input weight was 0.22. Retrieved weight was 0.19. No seryll remained inside BSB.
  5. Why? I play Freedom exclusively but I don't get this position. I'd like for Freedom Kingdoms/Duchies but I don't see ho this would get us any closer.
  6. I'd say both, have a "Kingdom Balloon" and a "patchwork balloon" pattern. First one matches the kingdom of the maker, the second makes a bold but non-kingdom pattern that can be made distinct with multiple colors.
  7. +1 cause its amusing to think of people getting shot out of the sky on pvp servers. XD
  8. With all this new multicolored armor, we need proper armor stands that show off what is on them!
  9. I look forward to getting my new tools, but along with many other's I'd like clarification on what some of those stats mean.
  10. 1) Add sandstone and slate versions of existing statues. 2) Wood statues! Use an axe on a felled tree, imp like any other carpentry item. 3) Metal statues! Combine beeswax and use Hand on the wax to create a Wax Statue of X Mold Use clay on Wax Mold to create a Clay Statue Statue of X Mold Fire the Clay Statue Statue of X Mold to create a Pottery Statue of X Mold Finally, to create the metal statue combine a glowing Metal Lump with the Pottery Statue of X Mold to create the unfinished <Metal Type> Statue of X. Keep adding glowing metal lumps until finished. No new art assets (except maybe wax?), just combining textures with existing models.
  11. Place function is great! But it doesn't work placing things on rugs, the "shadow" vanishes and it can't be placed.
  12. For items that can be stored in bulk (BSB or FSB) I propose that a "Quality Name" be attached. Thus a QL 32 plank, oak become a decent decent plank, oak. This would allow for items to be automatically sorted by quality in bulk storage and prevent accidentally averaging different qualities together. Damaged items would be sorted according to their current effective quality. Like many players, the majority of my storage exists to sort by quality, not because I actually have that much stuff. To allow different qualities to be merged, I also propose a new command: Merge Stacks. Select 2 or more stacks in a bulk container, or a collection of individual items outside a bulk container, a right click-> merge stack. This averages out the quality and sets the imp material (in applicable) just like throwing them all in a current bsb together. Example Names: 0-9 Shoddy 10-19 Poor 20-29 Rough 30-39 Decent 40-49 Good 50-59 Very Good 60-69 Excellent 70-79 Superb 80-89 Exquisite 90-99 Amazing 100 Flawless
  13. How about a subscription fee and no deed upkeep? Want to get skills above 20 and have a deed, hand over the money. This smells like the suggestion of someone who doesn't own a deed trying to sneakily ask for free premium by offloading the cost to others.
  14. I buy 1 year of premium once per year,2 minutes and done. if it expires, meh, just premium again and I've lost 2 minutes of gameplay because thats how long it takes to get it back even if it's expired for weeks. I check upkeep frequently, at least once a week (even though I have months of time), because if it expires ALL MY STUFF DECAYS AND GETS STOLEN.
  15. God no! I'd leave in a heartbeat, not only would that drastically increase my real $ costs of playing Wurm you also FEEL deed upkeep more sharply than premium subscription. It's right there in your face the way buying a few months or year of premium isn't. This plan would effectively cost CCAB both my premium sub AND what I spend on silver for deed upkeep, since even if I didn't leave I'd close up my deed and move in with someone else.
  16. No reason to discard a good idea because it wasn't thought of earlier.
  17. +1 for shriveled trees
  18. Would be good in an "Artic Biome" (we currently have all servers in a temperate biome) but not a good fit for current maps due to history.
  19. Shamelessly trotting out my old idea.
  20. +1 to trumpets and event message
  21. Apply the death penalty to every character that's logged in from the same IP in the last hour. The more you abuse, the more you lose.
  22. I'd prefer they NOT require a spirit templar being hired. A separate charge all their own would be fine.
  23. +1 More mobile living places! Gypsy wagons and captains quarters!