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  1. Maybe have rare mats like logs/lumps have a % chance for a rare item anytime you use it but completely consume the item for balancing.
  2. Why did combo fix delete this from my computer?
  3. they would of had to make multiple trips to steal 1000 strawberries zarame.
  4. I am looking for a boat ride preferably from indy all the way to cele but i dont mind if you can only take me across one single border. i know this is a big ask but it would be a great help especially if you are going yourself. please pm me if you are able to do this, i may also be able to pay you in gems if you could help me.
  5. I know this may only delay the problem but why not make unique creatures "invincible" for maybe a few weeks after a server starts to prevent players going as soon as it opens to kill them. Maybe even having an EXTREMELY small chance to spawn dragon eggs randomly on servers and have only people apart of that server(not all of the freedom isles) be able to kill them to prevent money makers killing them to sell to pay for their premium.