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  1. I'm playing WU on my own laptop and keep the server up only for as long as I'm playing, shutting it down immediately after I log out. Then the server stays closed 'till I have time to play again (which is usually the next day). Now here's my question: When I start the server next time, will it continue right from where I stopped it last time (as in my crops, trees, animals stay at same age and no decay happens, trying to mimic save/load feature from a single player game) or it will check the local time and try to catchup (as in my crops, trees, animals will age and decay will happen, trying to mimic a persistent server) or anything in between (as in it would catchup some of the missed time, but not all)?
  2. Presuming that I have a server and a friend has a server, can we link them (and travel from one to another) or they must share same database / reside on same computer?
  3. Team Speak?

    Hello! Is there any public team speak server where people can stay and just chat about their wurm (and not only) adventures, while waiting for actions to complete?
  4. Are these fixes for WO only or for both WO and WU?
  5. Keeping a backup for cases when things just go wrong (as in files getting corrupted or a failed update going on) is no problem; I set it to do it daily anyway. What I meant was something like, let's say one year from now on, they decide to introduce... dunno... let's say 3D mines. At that point: - the update will just work without breaking up the server - the update might break the server, but would not be forced (as in we'd be given the options to either wipe our servers and start over with the new feature - 3D mines or, alternatively, stop the update and go on with our old server denying us the chance to the new feature and probably any future features as well) - the update might break the server and would be forced (as in all our "work" would go on the drain) I mean, far now, in the 12+ years of history of WO any new feature worked on top of existing servers (maybe having bugs or so, but not requiring any wipe)... will the same policy apply to all future update of WU or we should better treat our servers as somehow "temporary" since introduction of future features might break them and force a wipe...
  6. Are these fixes for WO only or for both WO and WU?
  7. I have a couple of quite important (at least for me) questions: 1. Is it possible that future updates of WU will "force" a wipe of our servers (as in corrupting database and have to start over) or all updates will just add/tweak content to existing databases, similar as it worked for WO in the past? 2. In the eventuality of something like that will happen, would it be possible to block the update so we can at least keep playing the game as it is at that stage? *** I ask that because I wanna know how to plan my future adventures: - (if no [major] wipes risk exist) play it on server settings as close as WO, trying to achieve a similar experience and enjoying character development for years, or even decades to come - (if wipes risk exist) play it in easy mode, true creative experience as in start directly with high skills and low action timers or even GM modes, just for the fun of building things, without investing much time in character development just to have it wiped after one day, month or year
  8. Right from IRC (think we can trust the man): [00:30] <Rolf> cr modifier should be 1 i think and like 30%
  9. What about player combat rating multiplayer or aggressive creatures?
  10. Talking about the map being described here: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/132374-volcano-island/ (creation of Army, not mine); the map files are linked from said thread. Totally loved that map and I would love to start playing it tonight once the game is launched, but would like a few small tweaks, and since I'm not smart enough to do them by myself, thought that maybe someone can do them for me (I *think* that for someone who has the map generator installed and played a bit with it, should be simple enough; willing to pay a few silvers for that in WO if you still playing that one too). So what I would like: #1 please adjust the veins ratio to be somehow realistic with what WO has (a bit better would be OK, but not much better as in hit veins every second tile), but also have a bit of addy and glimmer; I think those numbers would be lovely: - iron: 4.00% - gold: 0.30% - silver: 0.50% - zinc: 0.50% - copper: 0.50% - lead: 0.50% - tin: 0.50% - marble: 0.50% - slate: 0.50% - addy: 0.10% - glimmer: 0.10% - rock: 92% #2 please move the two little islands like in this example (or, if too hard, just remove them all together): #3 (for my OCD thing) if not too much of a hassle, please center the island on map (if not already centered). Thank you a lot!
  11. Thank you for the guide, but I still hope that, eventually, someone might assist with this... renting such a small VPS should be in my budget and I'm totally up for it... and if is not such a big deal, I hope that eventually, once they're done with their stuff and have some spare time, someone whom I may give the password to, might do those scary commands for me.