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  1. ToolAdvice

    Great tool, just to let you know I did not see cabbage under farming.
  2. Public slaying: The venerable black dragon

    Will try to attend, thanks for the invite!
  3. Wand of Priesting

    I have always assumed pay to win would be an item or power that was ONLY available for real money and op vs something that is would ease the grind. The suggestion would only cut down on a prayer/sermon grind. I would suggest to have them no-drop/no-trade and only usable once every 6 months for 20s/eu
  4. Tich's Hat - Fishing Hat

    +1 this would be great!
  5. Slaying - Kyklops

    That was great fun, nice to see so many people hanging out and having fun. Thanks for inviting us!
  6. Slaying - Kyklops

    I will try to attend, Thanks for the invite.
  7. Slaying - Red Dragon Hatchling

    I will try to attend as well, thanks for inviting. Will not be able to make this time had a meeting start right as I heading there. Thanks again for inviting everyone though! See you next time!
  8. Taxidermy

    Yes please, it would keep down the smells coming from Farmboy102 collection.
  9. Slaying - Goblin Leader

    Thank you, was great to see so many wurmians! Congrats to the winners!
  10. Slaying - Goblin Leader

    I will be there (if at all possible) on Vindekator
  11. Xanadu Community Map

    3 Deeds to add Rockport Pier: 1828, -481 Detodo: 1814, -887 Entrada Del Puente: 1840, -951 Thank you
  12. SOLD - Close please

  13. SOLD - Close please

    I am happy to pm you the name if you are considering buying her. and bump
  14. SOLD - Close please

    Thanks for your pc bump - open to reasonable offers. She will be naked and in glasshollow
  15. SOLD - Close please

    Thank you Wargasm