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  1. Transferable Affinities

    Now that initial prem can be 2s, yes. I can imagine a Weaponsmithing affinity would sell for at least 2s to any number of folks given meal affinity prices. Why pay by the hour when you can have it permanently? EDIT: This is why I tried to clarify initially with "The idea as described invites an abuse of the mechanic". Since the original suggestion doesn't make an exception for the default affinity assigned at creation, the suggestion can be abused.
  2. Transferable Affinities

    Cue the sound of 1000 non-prem alts being created to farm affinities. The idea as described invites an abuse of the mechanic.
  3. Two weeks to go! Really looking forward to this event, so thank you for organizing this little extravaganza @VirusMD and all you other staff types!
  4. WTB: 4 Yule Goats

    Received. Thank you!
  5. When dealing with groups of nested items, I'd love a way to expand everything in the group at once. Currently, clicking on the '+' opens the group, which then requires manually clicking each subsequent item to get further into the tree. Suggestions: Shift-clicking on the '+' opens the group and also opens every container at the first level. Example: shift clicking on a group of backpacks opens the group and also opens all backpacks in the same click. CTRL-clicking on the '+' opens every possible container group within the container. Example: CTRL-clicking on a group of rafts opens the group, opens all the backpacks contained in the rafts, and also all the satchels contained in the backpacks.
  6. Missing Keybinds

    And while we're on the subject - I would love to be able to unbind the default Wiki Search key of 'h'. Or at the very least, allow the window to be closed with ESC.
  7. WTB: 4 Yule Goats

    Please COD to 'Sidereal' when you have a moment - and thank you!
  8. WTB: 4 Yule Goats

    Paying 4s for a set of four of these little rascals.
  9. Distant rendering, show it off!

    The view North from the Denali observation tower And the view East. Trees are still visible well after roads stop being rendered!
  10. Distant rendering, show it off!

    And lo, the Prophecy of Distant Rendering didst come to pass. And the people were awestruck that the trees on the other side of the bay were well and truly visible for the very first time. And the Powers that Be created a rainbow as a promise to never destroy the world of Wurm with poorly-optimized rendering ever again.
  11. Missing Keybinds

    Seconded for being able to bind specific emotes Even just being able to keybind 'smile' would be a godsend for everyone that uses Granger to manage large herds.
  12. Enchanted Rare Silver Longsword

  13. Hey neighbor! I'd love to come over and help out. I'll supply the remaining 264 logs if they're still outstanding. Please put Sidereal down for: carpentry, blacksmithing, masonry, and leatherworking. NS is currently 85 and I'll be doing a deep dive on it soon - hope to have it to 90 by the event, so if I can help with blood mixing, I will! Although she's not up to snuff for casting quite yet, Ana will be in tow for helping with sermons.
  14. Valrei International. 082

    Hallelujah and the saints be praised!
  15. I believe this spell was available to cast as recently as last week, yet now I don't see it in either the spell casting dropdown or the list of spells available at an altar. Can't seem to find anything in the release notes to confirm it?