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  1. You can build bridges as a single player in Wurm Unlimited 1) Plant range pole on one abutment. It must be at least 8 units above sea level. 2) Go to other abutment. Again at least 8 units but you can build a sloped bridge so it can be higher. 3) You can build up to a 38 tile bridge, that is the maximum in length. However you may have to focus the range pole before moving back and then use the dioptra by clicking on the focused pole. 4) If building bridges as a GM, and I built a bunch building a government highway to hook up all our communities there is no limit on the number you can build. You can also use the "spy" function on the ebony wand to site in the range pole 5) As of the last time I tried it a couple weeks back building a bridge between 2 buildings still requires 2 people IF the bridge is more than 6 tiles long as the range pole does not render while inside a building beyond that distance. Edit: 6) In certain cases you may get warning of "not enough clearance" That usually happens if the abutment is not high enough on one end or the other. I usually dig down 10-20 units on the three tiles immediately in front of the bridge abutment to counter this problem.
  2. I do have screenshots of the dog-sickle mission, mission trigger and mission effect..... just don't know how to upload to this forum  :D


  3. Go to your deed marker, open a bank account and deposit them! ?
  4. Interestin, tried it myself and what is happening is they advance in age immediately upon spawning in so a male calf instantly becomes a bull and a female calf a cow. I am going to snoop more later after the Grey Cup game.
  5. To give a mission to a specific player we use a number of tricks. For example, and we have not done this one yet, if you wanted to have a character accept a quest from oh let us say Luke Skywalker, create a toon called Luke Skywalker and grant him dev powers. Have Luke pen a papyrus note that starts the quest chain, have him create the quest rewards as well. That way if a player examines the notes or rewards they will state "created by Luke Skywalker" which adds to the immersion. You can give the note to the player in a number of ways. We have stuck them in a chest, in a pottery jar dropped on the shoreline of his deed, or even dropped in their mine or house. Eventually they will find them. Then if the player has NPCS around on his deed have your Luke go over to talk to them. This will trigger them to mention "Luke" as long as he remains in the server player database. Once completed you can delete him and remove his name from the db.
  6. Another discovery with the mission ruler to share. The wife was creating quite a few (she is better at it than I am) and ran into a problem where nothing worked anymore. She could log in with another toon and make one so we snooped and found the mission ruler rechage. Once she used one on her ruler she could again create misions with her first toon. Next point is on a mission that teleports a character. We placed a coffin for fun with some fantastic items inside but when you open it you are teleported far away and there is no way to get those items. I know, it is cruel and mean but wth. At any rate neither her nor I could get it to work until I finally checked the text box to "confirm popup" for text. The popup activated and then for some unfathomable reason the teleport finally triggered. Wierd.
  7. We have a central area, built high up on a mountain that was flattened, that acts as the central market for our server with each community having their own market stall. We managed to build a portal to and from each community to our central hub. The one thing I did manage to create was a healing fountain that actually works and heals your wounds fully upon drinking from it. The better half however is even more adept at building missions as she built a complete quest to take the "One Ring" to "Mount Doom" and destroy it, complete with active volcano!
  8. Nice guide! Thanks for it as I have been yanking teeth trying to figure it all out. One point to make, the resize text box for text input does work however it is based in pixels so if you want anything to show up set it for 50x50 or 100x100 initially and work from that point. Verify will then work as soon as you hit the "send" after creating the trigger effect. The first time I tried it I thought it did not work either until I noticed a brown pixel in the center of my screen. A moment of panic until I realized it was not a dead pixel on my monitor but the text box.
  9. As a new Priest wood is your best option. Gold altars require a higher faith. To dedicate a new altar highlight your statue in inventory, right click on the altar and cast "Bless".
  10. It is a bug since the last patch. ID numbers in item list were rearranged and broke some paint functions from what I gathered in a few different threads.
  11. The paint tree function was ideal for planting trees alongside a road after the road is completed. Set the wand to 1-9-(tree number) and instantly clean up the construction mess. You cannot do the same with the grow tree option. However knowing that it is probably just a bug I can wait for a fix. As GM I have more roads to build
  12. It would be nice if the Focus Zone ---> flatten command had an option to feather the outer edges. For example if I flattened/leveled an 8x8 area the 9th and 10 tiles from the center would change as well but with random slopes versus the 0 slope/flat tile. In that way it would not leave the sheer cliff going up or down on the edges of the focus zone.
  13. we actually have both Fo and Magranon roaming around our server which can be pretty intimidating to say the least.
  14. To make the dioptra you can use a newbie compass, just make sure you have an extra. The only difference will be in the quality and material which will transfer to the dioptra. The higher the level/quality of components used to make the dioptra the higher the quality of the dioptra.
  15. No I will have to wait for a fix. Your suggestion, although it would work, would not allow me to achieve the visual impact I am going for. However I finally managed to build the bridge using two people, one holding the range pole which incidentally I had been using incorrectly. So after I bang my head on the desk a few times I can get back to work. it is just not possible to do it solo unless I am messing that up as well.