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  1. +1 for storage abuse and for the suggestion.
  2. +1, this change was really dumb.
  3. While even a simple glow effect is nce enough at times, rarity bonuses are so trash I have to give this a +1.
  4. +1
  5. A new paving type or a kind of brdge -- stairs, that would allow walking over 40+ slope tiles. No riding horses, no driving carts, only walking. The direction or orientation of stairs would be defined by two flat tile borders for each tile. Slope limit? Skill requirement? Walking speed? Questions for you to answer.
  6. Hedges will keep trolls away, that's right. And they are not subject to any slope limitation.
  7. I have to say I just hope that Epic doesn't become good enough to damage Freedom population. Sorry.
  8. Writing clear, thorough, detailed posts helps getting rid of flames, speculations, accusations and gossips and hence the need for superfluous moderation.@Enki Kudos to Shrimpie for the Shrimpalong and being a spectacular sea creature that doesn't know where to put "u" in "colour".
  9. emote

    You can use the "Bow" emotion together with talking in local, adds to roleplaying aspect.
  10. Sometimes it's useful, i hope that switchable mechanic comes with new UI. +1 though
  11. +1 I'd love this to come together with increased length limit for the text a piece of papyrus can hold.
  12. Frying an already searing hot ingredient in a glowing pan takes around 3 minutes on average. Idk if it helped with lag, but it's driving me nuts. Can we please get it sped back up a little or reverted?
  13. Just what the title says. When driving a cart up an 18-ish slope bridge into a house, i get stuck and have to disembark and then call a GM to retrieve the stuck cart. Turns out the cart is sort of going under the flooring. I can however drive out of the house onto the same bridge without a problem. GM Astarte kindly retrieved the cart and removed the flooring for me, but that's only a workaround. Thanks in advance! UPD.: The bridge is connected to the ground floor of the house.
  14. I believe this isn't needed on official level. Let those who want to build a memorial to their departed friend do it themselves and where they prefer. And of course if it's something remarkable, it could be made a heritage site.
  15. But there is only sweetwater in wurm.
  16. And this is how, with all good intentions, our democracy and freedom of choice is being slowly yet steadily taken away bit by bit.
  17. You're adding so many decorations lately, but can't DeedPlanner grab them from Wurm folder just like the WOM Model Viewer? By the way, decorations can't be placed in corners...
  18. Unlike digging "level" action, levelling cave floors is inconsistent in time between mined shards. It seems that every next shard takes more time with lowering stamina, which also leads to action timer being wrong.
  19. is this a feature?
  20. I had the same situation more than a year ago.
  21. Very nice! I used it a couple times in the past when it was hardly passable (had to drag the boat a few times) and not marked on the map. Thank you for making it great again!
  22. It seems currently we need to rebuild a bridge from ground up. My guess would be that's because all sections of the bridge must be the same, so the house logic cannot apply. I suggest to let us to turn stone bridges into rendered by applying varying amount of clay depending on the bridge's length. Perhaps only the owner should be able to do that.
  23. Lava is cool and useful for dealing with veins and your own unwanted stuff.
  24. - spawn lava under it - fence it off and wait until it decays (i've heard of people being unable to retrieve their vehicles from a house built around it by somebody whien they were on a break, GMs refused to help) - if you're allowed to embark as passenger, lure trolls or something stronger to it and fight embarked
  25. Clicking that arrow in the top right corner of the quote would take you there, but here is the link: