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  1. Hey there,


    I'm interested in a dirt order. Say 80k? Reply here or msg me in game at the same account.



    1. HexD


      Poke me in game when you come online and we'll sort something out.

  2. All Gone!

    I'll take any picnic baskets you have left.
  3. Looking for up to 5k. PM with price.
  4. Delete

  5. I'll take 2 of the 80ish ql carving knives, your choice.
  6. Please close - mailbox enchanted!
  7. The western edge of S24.
  8. Looking for a courier enchant in SW Xan. PM me your price.
  9. Please add Maeander at 6931, -7096.
  10. Close

    I'd like to order a bunch of sprouts: 500 Birch 200 cherry 300 maple 200 grape 150 walnut 350 pine 300 cedar I think that comes to 17s. I'm down in the far SE Xanadu (come into the lake at Southern Comfort and then follow the south shore until the road ends - I'm at the top of that road).
  11. Close pls

    the 83q stone chisel, the 65q hammer and the 73q mallet, please.