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  1. I think people aren't grinding for benediction on all of the Northern Isles. It's not clear what is happening on Harmony that they're having a disproportionate # of RoS casts.
  2. Actually, there's a great solution. Just make it so everyone has to sail to a different server to claim the bonus.
  3. Something needs to be done to balance the distribution of Rite casting on the Northern Freedom servers. Either some period of cooldown, or a shared pool or cast across the servers. Players shouldn't get such a massive SB advantage just for living on a larger, more populated server.
  4. Hey there,


    I'm interested in a dirt order. Say 80k? Reply here or msg me in game at the same account.



    1. HexD


      Poke me in game when you come online and we'll sort something out.

  5. All Gone!

    I'll take any picnic baskets you have left.