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  1. I have no issues with new servers if it means old servers get merged/closed/locked. At some point having a ton of servers to update, maintain, reboot, etc becomes nonsense. I do not work in the game industry, but I do work in the information technology industry. Even if these servers are VM's it takes man hours to make them work, and there is a point at which this becomes cost prohibitive. Bring back the original Epic idea and modify it. Come up with an incentive for people to reclaim silver or perks for the years they spent on these toons to move to the new server(s). Have a PVP map with exclusive resources of some sort in the middle, then one or two PVE servers on the outside. Everyone works toward a goal while giving PVP a reason without being a requirement, meaning PVE players can participate as well. Give the "winning kingdom" some sort of perk on their account. The servers reset every six to eight months, presenting a yearly "new server land rush" without having the server bloat. That rough draft of an idea isn't perfect, but today we are right back in the same boat of having 400-ish concurrent people playing. This time last year it was about the same number, except we are even more spread out. How many times do we need to see landrushes bring people back, only to have most of them leave after a short time?
  2. They only way we should get a new server is to merge/close old servers.
  3. I am not a PVP player, but a big fan of the original idea of Epic... Play for 6-12 months, assign awards based on who won or lost, destroy the world, and start over. The Building is the fun part. The maintenance is not, at least for me. I don't mind starting over. I know I am in the minority, but I am in favor of assigning awards to people's accounts then merging a bunch of servers. If anyone bought anything with marks, they should either get the marks back or have a mechanism to allow them to redeem these items on the new server. 16 servers for this population sucks.
  4. Awesome! Now enable third person camera view.
  5. I approve of Moxie's request above to add Winchester to the map. Thanks!
  6. I took some time away from Wurm. I come back and see this. Very, very touching. You are great human beings. There are not words to describe how incredible this story is. RIP Zorako.
  7. Bump. I will buy what you have.
  8. Bump. Looking for 50S to 1G. 1S = 1€
  9. Fixed. For anyone else who gets this issue, I fixed it by checking the box for experimental sounds, verifying the files, unchecking the experimental sounds, and verifying again. Not sure what order that should be in, but those steps enabled all sounds again.
  10. I have a weird one that suddenly started happening. I have no sounds other than effects, such as opening/closing doors, fighting, etc. There are no footsteps, no music, no ambiance. All of which are checked on in the settings. I have deleted the game files and downloaded fresh. No luck. I have toggled settings off, loaded into game, then out, toggled back on, loaded back in. Didn't help. I have tried both render-ers just to see if that helped. Nope. Anyone ever experienced something like this?
  11. WTB Silver or perhaps 1 Gold. Please PM.