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  1. Awesome! Now enable third person camera view.
  2. I approve of Moxie's request above to add Winchester to the map. Thanks!
  3. I took some time away from Wurm. I come back and see this. Very, very touching. You are great human beings. There are not words to describe how incredible this story is. RIP Zorako.
  4. WTB Silver/Gold

    Bump. I will buy what you have.
  5. WTB Silver/Gold

    Bump. Looking for 50S to 1G. 1S = 1€
  6. Fixed. For anyone else who gets this issue, I fixed it by checking the box for experimental sounds, verifying the files, unchecking the experimental sounds, and verifying again. Not sure what order that should be in, but those steps enabled all sounds again.
  7. I have a weird one that suddenly started happening. I have no sounds other than effects, such as opening/closing doors, fighting, etc. There are no footsteps, no music, no ambiance. All of which are checked on in the settings. I have deleted the game files and downloaded fresh. No luck. I have toggled settings off, loaded into game, then out, toggled back on, loaded back in. Didn't help. I have tried both render-ers just to see if that helped. Nope. Anyone ever experienced something like this?
  8. WTB Silver or perhaps 1 Gold. Please PM.
  9. Everyone speaks from their own opinion and doesn't seem to try to listen to the people who aren't playing or who used to play. I am trying to do that now. New lands are exciting. Seeing lands someone already terraformed to hell and back is not. Plus, there are ghost towns still out there that take forever to decay, if the years worth of silver has drained off yet. Those are just simple facts. Every new server release brought a rush of players. Exploring the wilderness where it looks like no one has ever been is appealing to a lot of players, even the grisly vets. That said, there is already too many server with a population spread too thin. These two things combined are the fundamental problems with WO. There is nothing wrong with a new player wanting something that hasn't been touched before. Nor is it wrong for them wanting coastal lands since server travel is done by boat. Most vets also want this. Saying "oh well" is not addressing the root issue. Nor is saying "go make your own map in WU. If it were suddenly announced certain servers were being shut down, meant as a cost of opening a new server or servers, there would be people returning to see. Of course this would be met with outrage from people who have been in place for years. At the very least there would have to be some sort of a buyback/silver program, and maybe even a headstart on the new server(s) before the scale is balanced. The point is, however it would be done, new maps mean new/returning players. I think that is the point that is trying to be made. I can't say I totally disagree, but I'm not a normal player. I move around a lot. I know if there were fresh lands, I would play a lot more than I am now. The excitement would be back for me. There is no easy way to "fix" Wurm, but doing "nothing" in regards to this issue has not worked out the last few years, so on that front I have to disagree with those of you who are instantly -1 because you approach the issue in terms of "keeping" versus "bringing them back/luring them in."
  10. But even if you do a clean uninstall of 9, a fresh install of 8 with the correct configuration settings, it still won't work if it is a newer Mac. So, I give up. I think I'm done with Wurm.
  11. From Facebook in regards to Valrei International 52:
  12. I will try, but what is happening is we download the JNLP and run that. Typically the launcher comes up and downloads the rest of the files that make up Wurm. It fails before the launcher comes up to download the files. I don't think I even have a directory of files to search through yet.