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  1. Visited the deed yesterday. Nice looking deed, almost completely flat, 10 tiles from the water, room to expand, spitting distance from ETP. Only thing I saw, or rather didnt see was a mine. Maybe I was looking in the wrong places?
  2. Close

    Did the sale go through?
  3. Ros

    Anytime is fine by me. Name the place and I will have my priest there.
  4. Tried this game today. Have to say it is the worst lag I have ever seen in a game.
  5. OK stupid question, Glitter is on Desertion?
  6. Wow you guys got it done already? Was going to come help on my next day off but, oh well, good job on the tunnel.
  7. I just noticed you put me in the 20 - 29 group. My fight skill is only 12.4
  8. Ralinth GMT-5, 12.1 FS, medium maul. As long as I am not working.