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  1. Wurm needs more stuff to do.

    haha a post from niki that involves money. why am I not surprised?
  2. 12 and 30, 2s each. cod to bix, cheers
  3. 25) 81 ql Supreme Dredge, birchwood Cod to Bix for 6s. Cheers.
  4. Massive Firesale for tools

    I'll take both mining potions. cod Bix Cheers.
  5. Some Epic Things

    Lol why are you so upset? Don't forget Valrei stuff was supposed to be Epic only and look what you got out of it.
  6. Uniques (no drama)

    It's a sandbox game where almost everything is player driven, there shouldn't be any changes nor should there be any rules/regulations added.
  7. Could we get some sort of option (if there isn't one already) to group up similar items together? Eg: Give us the option to group up the meat like how logs are grouped together.
  8. To like 5 minutes or something. Get rid of cooldown. Discuss.
  9. Split Freedom & Epic Suggestions

    no, merge epic
  10. Taunt merchants on chaos

    If Epic is the testing grounds then I haven't heard any complaints about it. +1
  11. Epic Skill Merge

    bump for one-time transfer option.
  12. Epic Skill Merge

    bump for one-time transfer option.
  13. Work your way up to be a high end account and reap the benefits, it's not rocket science. Are you also on food stamps?
  14. [Fixed] Hot Food Cooking Skill Gain

    Yes it got nerfed, below is a few days before, and right after the patch: Logging started 2016-11-19 [16:26:16] Hot food cooking increased by 0.0035 to 78.3902 Logging started 2016-11-23 [00:05:17] Hot food cooking increased by 0.0001 to 78.3903 Sucks for those who didn't get 100hfc before the patch but you snooze you lose.