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  1. Girls gotta be stylin'!!! If I can't have shoes that match my outfits, then I'll go bare feets!! <holds out hand for coordinating nail polish color for her toenails> What?? What do you mean we can't even polish our toenails to match???? Wait ..what??? We don't even have toenails???? Bah! Going back on vacation ;-)
  2. Great newsletter, Retro!! Felt a lot of positive energy flowing from it, and a bit of chuckling as well! <SMH> That wacky Enki!! But we love him! I also like seeing my picture - or at least my cart and horses - at the great Troll King slaying event! That really was a lot of fun. Thanks for all you do to share the news with us.
  3. @Enki I've got some hills and mountains on Devonshire I'd love to have flattened ............. ;-)
  4. But it shouldn't keep me from decreasing the size of my deed. That is very flawed wogic. ;-) But I see what you are saying.
  5. Devonshire Woods on Independence: Current deed borders: W16 E14 N5 S37 with 8 (5 + 3) perimeter Trying to resize to: W16 E14 N5 S20 with minimum 5 perimeter I'm trying to resize my deed, but because there is a ramshackle shack on my NORTH perimeter owned by Symondjr, the progamming will not let me make any changes to resize the deed. Keeps saying I need manage permissions for that shack. Please note I am NOT expanding this deed. I do not even want to change the north border. I need to make the deed smaller, and only want to move the SOUTH border in by 17 tiles, to make the deed border sizes W16 E14 N5 S20, and reset the extra perimeter tiles to 0. The footprint of the deed will be narrower. I'm fine with the shack being where it is. I gave him planks and nails and help to build on it, warning him any off deed structure would decay rapidly and he would need to repair everything very often. So please understand the structure there is not the problem. The problem seems that the program does not appear to look for obstacles to new deed sizing after ALL information is input, but rather initially since any field I tried to change - even decreasing the number of additional perimeter tiles - instantly returned the system message: [13:33:29] You need to have manage permissions for the structure Symonrj's shed to found the settlement here. I don't want to disband not knowing if this shack is going to preclude me from deeding, I don't want to spend money I shouldn't have to spend to re-plant the deed, in fact, I'm trying to spend less coin here. I hope I've made this clear enough. If not, you know where to find me. :-) Much thanks to Yaga and to Lisabet for their assistance even if no resolution was available they tried hard! Thanks, Magykal My alt Devona is mayor of Devonshire Woods.
  6. Hey Hugh ~ I'd like Devonshire 35X 40/41Y; Devonshire Woods (34X 41Y) and Oak River Retreat (62X 47Y at the N end of the Oak River) added to the Albia/Community Map 2.0. Also, our new 2 lane highway is completed from Dobra on Inner Sea through DW and just past Devonshire where it narrows to one lane above the ramp over to Sauve Shores. We will eventually complete it thru as 2 lanes. About time you are taking over as the 'official' Indy map makers! As long as you still use the Albia Roads mapping system and display I'll be a happy camper Warmest Regards Magy My main, Magykal is mayor of Devonshire My alt, Devona is mayor of Devonshire Woods My alt, Aine is mayor of Oak River Retreat
  7. Psalamon, if you meant my knarr - the screamin' Green Eagle - Archaed did that one. But he's gone into retirement and Toey is as skilled if not more so, just a bit farther away. But good friends and colors are worth a trip, and we love to sail anyway!
  8. Notice

    The magical one notices everything ... every thing and don' ..... *trips over moving metal altar crossing her path and face plants in the dirt* ... Damn you, Ziggy! and stop rearranging my domains with that! I'm NOTICING I tell you!!!
  9. Canary <cough> Yellow .... <sounds of running feet and fading laughter> BUT ... that hot pink is pretty awesome, too! <3
  10. I think a lot of it had (has) to do with perceived societal roles thrust upon us and the feeling we must comply to be accepted. I grew up in southern society where roles were very defined for generations, even to what time of year white clothing could be worn. My generation was the first to rebel against most every moire that made no real sense. Leave math to the boys? Hell, no! Men don't cook or clean? My boys did their own laundry from a very young age and both are excellent cooks today. More than just the society and gender roles was what I'll call age-stage expectations: pressure to conform was exerted in subtle and overt ways to 'act your age'. A woman of 50 should never wear the clothes she wore at 20 or 30 even though she was probably in better shape, a person of 60 should be retiring even though they are at or approaching intellectual peak with vast experience and resources - not because they functioned less well, but because greedy corporations realized they could hire noobs cheaper. Humans are very susceptible to persuasion and perception is very important to most - everything to some. Technology was a major tool in allowing us to change that, and to continue the change. Previous generations gave in to the pressure to retire, sit down, die .. not this one and not any in the future! Our minds are marvelous wonders of nature, but like anything we use it or we lose it. The 'golden years' should be the most active, entertaining, challenging and fulfilling! When your time is your own to work, study, play and do whatever the hell you want when you want - and if you don't have the money to leave home and do it, do it online! Just open the windows to let in fresh air once in awhile! ;-) I have to add as I sit here drinking coffee waiting for sunrise - if the young people are blown away that older folks use technology and play MMOs so well - they'd really be mind blown if they knew what else we do!
  11. Or about much of anything else it seems ... is it lack of interest? lack of ability? lack of staff? and whlie I'm sure Retro can only work with what he's given since he's only a communication expert, it seems much of that communication any more is the same sort of run around evasive finger-pointing at nebulous 'possible exploits' or 'things came up' which only makes the 'lack of' scenario seem more probable to us.
  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA best part of the whole thing, Ersitu!!!
  13. You kids are so funny - who do you think has the time and money to sit and play Wurm on 3 - 4 premium characters all day and half the night every day?? If we don't work for Code Club, we must be retired, eh? We invented video gaming - whatever makes you think we'd ever stop playing?? Or stop being very damned good at it?? Yes, that's my real picture, yet I count 7 grandchildren - 4 biological, and 3 adopted. All but the youngest 2 (3 and almost 5) are also avid gamers, the oldest 2 started playing Wurm with me but it proved too slow paced for them. I know far more 'over 60' players here than will admit publically - why? Because you young ones relate better to us if you feel we are your peers. This has long been a source of great amusement to me. Remember: the family that games together, stays together! Zach, I'd give props to anyone in their 70's who had never touched a computer and could then play this game well .. but keep in mind most of us have played on and built our own computers and networks from the 300 baud days .. we've never not had the latest technology in our hands, so why would it be impressive that we can actually use it?? *laughing* Honestly, if it weren't for the community here, Wurm is getting too slow and boring for me - I've stopped saying NO to my friends (of all ages) trying to get me back into faster paced or new MMOs and started saying 'probably soon'. That's how I got into Wurm, I was asked by a game director developer of another large MMO to check out Wurm with him and give feedback. I'm still laughing that he wouldn't install Java on his laptop, so never played Wurm and here I still am. Love you all - don't care what your age is - in Wurm as in any fantasy MMO - we are all whomever and whatever we want to be. <3
  14. Yes NEW SKILLS and CRAFTS!!! Rolf said a year ago he would look into glass blowing and stained (colored) glass especially for windows. Please? Please???