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  1. [PvP] PMK Member List (Teaser)

    Keenan bringing out much needed updates again! which should have been in the game from the very start. +1
  2. Weekly News #7 testing...testing..1..2..3..

    Proof, where is the proof of a hash on the forums?
  3. Weekly News #7 testing...testing..1..2..3..

    Yes nadroj was wrong with the candee incident, hence why we made him give the account back! because it was wrong! What I don't get is why the team finds it so hard to see that an account that a very few select people had access to was logged in with the purpose to steal and delete items??? Is hacking allowed? are we allowed to start brute forcing peoples accounts? and then we can just give a fake ass stories which took 3 days to get the 'evidence'...
  4. Weekly News #7 testing...testing..1..2..3..

    Keenan corrupt? are you ###### joking? since he joined the wurm staff in his spare time he has done nothing but make major ###### improvements this lack luster game needs, to the point where he gets stressed about putting some much spare time into it! He wants to work on things and fix them and does it for free!
  5. Blueprints! A new moneysink.

    Needs the Eagle Pommeled Gladius Been reading a lot of the Anthony Richies Empire series at the moment, very descriptive in the inventory of romans and well worth the read, im on the last book atm.
  6. WTS High QL Drake Hide Armor

    Fishy as ######.
  7. Ciray's Misc. Items (Tools, Weps, potions, rares)

    That stonecutting potion still about? if so, cod to mailingman.
  8. Adamantine sickle

    I know dagobert has one in JK. Heard it was a random gift for something to do with celebration server opening? sickles are good in terms of damage and speed, but parry like a wet tissue. Addy and glimmer ones would be cool. same with scythes, because they are/can be weapons after all...
  9. Arrow Autocollect

    Maybe not a long timer, but walking over/riding over the tile of the arrows will do a quick pickup 1s timer.
  10. PC Getting serious several 90+

    Pretty solid account, i would say 450+
  11. god altars should clean convert

    +1 Its near impossible to keep negative alignment as tosiek or nathan as a WL kingdom.
  12. SOLD Please Close

    Did you grind digging without coc or something? because the body str is insane for what skills u have...
  13. WTA Several Rares

    3s both shields
  14. Retrograde hired

    Now pay for some real GMs etc?