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  1. Thank you, Eva & Kochinac - appreciate it, design looks awesome.
  2. Thanks for the Rope Tool, Giblet. Quick and friendly merchant. I approve.
  3. Nice, thanks for sharing!
  4. Please make this happen!! +1
  5. I use one email for more than 5 characters. The method is to add a +[word] to your email address. For example, if your email is, when you are registering a 6th character you type the following as your email address and it will still send the verification email to your actual email address (i.e and this gives you a further 5 characters to register. For every change to the word after the +, you get an additional 5. Disclaimer: I only used this method on gmail.
  6. Graphical bug after today's update.
  7. Got this a couple of times in the last hour, each time accessing large crates in a cave. VertexBuffer already bound.
  8. 134565461 days, 3 hours, 24 mins and 10 secs.
  9. This seems to have been fixed, I dropped the tower and it is appearing on the correct tile now. Thank you, Alectrys.
  10. I have an unfinished HoTS tower which I dropped on the spot I want it located but each time I drop it, the (graphical) image of the tower appears 3 tiles to my left. I can interact with it from the tile I dropped it on though. GM Hestia is aware of the issue and has helped recover the tower when it appeared in a building - ingame ticket number 155958.