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  1. Just to clear something up, this is not actually a new stance on gambling. It has always been against the rules and has been blocked from happening before. The idea of having fun contests that do not require payment to participate is something we did not want to discourage so the rule was kept more internal. There is the issue of legal concerns as well as scamming so it was found best to make our stance on the matter more public. Nothing has changed.
  2. While bribery is a nice thought and seems like it would make some cents, I'm afraid that's not quite how things work at all Once premium accounts do not get deleted. If you're worried about the passwords or emails being found in some form of potential hack or otherwise, can just change them to something fake or that you never use
  3. The GM team is aware of the existence of these items, and how they could have been created. The Roman Republic as a kingdom does not exist outside of Epic so when a player was reported as this kingdom, it was taken care of. Regardless of how they were made, we understood the ramifications that not just this but all accounts bugged in non-existing kingdoms may have These are new to players across Freedom, flashy but also scary. What's not as scary is when players come across template MR and JK tall kingdom banners and wagons, because those kingdoms existed before Wild was set to Freedom as Chaos and those template kingdoms were removed before both of those items existed. There is also as stated, new PMKs taking the slots of older PMKs, giving you artwork that shouldn't really be there. This is where the issue is a tough one, to remove these Roman kingdom items would also require removing all of the other kingdom items that probably don't belong. As many of you might guess, that would not be very welcome across Freedom At this time, they are treated the same as those other more familiar items that also are not created under normal circumstances. That's not to officially state they will stay forever, just that for now assume that regardless of how they may have been created they will remain in the game. Fountain containers and items with bugged enchants are good examples of items that were in the game for a long time before being removed. Do note this is not an invitation to find a way to create items that do not belong. Exploiting is still against the game rules and you may find yourself in trouble which you may regret If you find yourself or another player in a kingdom that does not belong, the first thing you should do is report it by /support and we will handle it
  4. Rolf confirmed that PMK would be classed as enemy on their template home server, so seems working as intended. If other template missions work on template home server, well that might be what is bugged afterall. Similar situation would be same kingdom home server being unable to complete tower rituals since they are classed as enemy only. Best recommendation is to suggest different mechanics Regardless, mission bugs are play as is and we do not refund any potentially missing mission rewards
  5. The rules were clarified to better reflect that it is ok to enter enemy deeds during a Raid ban only. If there is a clear path between you and your enemy on deed, feel free to fight them. PvP itself is allowed At this moment consider lockpicking to be disallowed for both PvP and Raid bans. There may be situations where you follow someone into a house off deed that unlocked as they entered, it is wise to not get yourself trapped in this situation
  6. The passing through or PvP is more for deeds, but if you look under the Raid ban rules there is nothing that says you are disallowed scouting. If someone sits outside of your deed for a few hours doing nothing during a raid ban they are breaking no rules. Only a PvP ban at this time restricts scouting Also, these rules only applied starting with the previous Raid ban that ended earlier today as they did not exist prior
  7. Moved to server bugs It has only been in after today's restart afaik. Should be fixed next server update
  8. Not sure where all the odd colors came from or how I missed poll bar colors. Either way it is now a more respectable green! Suggestions noted All themes have been set as fluid width and no issues on my end with firefox or chrome Other issues reserved for people smarter than me
  9. It has been reported for the devs, that is all we can do as GMs. We do not know yet if this is intended or not
  10. As stated months ago not a bug, no need to keep bump this up with new reports
  11. Could not reproduce this with freshly gathered kelp, is there any more information you could give? Did you have kelp in the bsb beforehand that might have partially decayed?