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  1. @kochinac Whenever you find a traitor you plan to kill for a mission, first look at mission's rewards and either copy the text or simply take a screenshot, then, if you didn't get the reward, submit a ticket and attach the screenshot; a GM will stop by to grant you the karma and sleep bonus for the mission (and generate a new mission, if the deity was lazy).
  2. I promise to you, some Beefys made it to each and every server!
  3. Is a bug that has been reported and before; regardless of your permissions, you cannot charm unless you're a citizen of the deed where you're trying to do it.
  4. Thanks to all your applications and participation in CA channels, we have a solid team of helpers, ready to offer answers to all your questions. The English CA position is closed for now, but stay tuned, there will be more opportunities to become a CA in the future! At this moment we still need a few helpful and knowledgeable players to join us as CAs for the Russian and Non-English Help channels, and also for our PvP community. Wurm Team wishes everyone Happy Winter Holidays and a great New Year 2021! Community Assistant (CA) Applications Status: Open *`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*` Looking to add to the CA team! Do you enjoy sharing knowledge and helping new players? Well, CA do just that via assisting others in "CA Help" channel! CM (Chat Moderators) are drawn from CA staff, aid with support tickets and chat moderation, and may eventually qualify for GM (Game Master). CA are eligible to apply for promotion to CM after gaining experience as CA and showing appropriate fit. CA Applications may be made to the Lead Chat Moderator (LCM), in writing, with the following details. Name of your main in-game Avatar and what server you primarily play on. Paste in your main character's in game time (/playtime). If applicable: In addition to PVE server of primary residence, do you spend time on Epic, Chaos or Defiance - on main, or other account? If so please detail approximate frequency, which kingdom you belong to, and your general comfort level with pvp issues/questions. List all other character name(s) and server(s). List your forum name(s). Are you the original owner/creator of the listed account(s)? If no, provide the past history and ownership details to the best of your knowledge. What time period(s) do you play normally? (specify a range of time in CET time zone (wurm time) format, ie: 4pm - 8pm CET Tues to Thurs) Have you previously applied for staff? Do you have a referral from an existing staff member? If yes, provide details and ensure you have their consent to be used. Why do you want to be a CA? Would you have any interest in eventual promotion to CM (work with support tickets and chat moderation)? Describe your experience relative to this application. For the Russian and other non-English CA apps, please specify your native language (and other languages you speak, if any). Anything else relevant to the application. Additional information: Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance. Applications will undergo review by staff. Once complete, notification of acceptance/denial will be relayed by the LCM. All communications about this application are to be made through the LCM only. * Note that staff accounts may not be shared with other players under any circumstance. * Applicants should have considerable existing history of participation to queries in the CA Help channel as a non-staff player in order to demonstrate knowledge and fitness for the official role. Candidates must be in good standing within the community. Additionally, 30 days (or more) in game time on your main avatar are required. This is a volunteer role. Current staff listing can be found here. Please include the questions as well as the answers in the application submission. Thank you for your interest! Happy Wurming!
  5. @Gaffer Lore doesn't give a wrong advice, @yasgur's post above provides a very useful suggestion for your specific meal.
  6. You're welcome! Hugs are always welcome hugs back!
  7. Double click the fine grey line around the chat tab to maximize it again.
  8. When servers are back, submit a /support ticket and wait for a GM to change your kingdom, it takes only a few moments and it doesn't hurt at all! I think ...
  9. Lunalong 2019

    I shall be there! Free wizkilling offered, mwahaha
  10. Do not mess with Dracaa's managerial abilities: [08:37:43] Dracaa cuts venerable greenish Dracaa's Butler deadly hard in the right hand and damages it.
  11. Odd lamps

    Posting on behalf of Jola, in attention of @Samool Image of lamps on deed few months ago Image of lamps nowadays Please contact Jola in game and help her find a solution thank you in advance!
  12. One sad horse rescued from underworld, returned and hitched to the cart where it belongs.
  13. I have removed the ore from your cart. Next time you have an issue, please follow Explora's advice above, type /support and submit a ticket to get assistance in game