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  1. What server were you coming from? Xanadu? What boat were you sailing (boat's name)? Do you have another character that could log in and submit a ticket, so we can discuss in game?
  2. Bullies

    Baradun have mercy on you!
  3. Mobs can spawn on deed; contrary to the Wurm myths, they spawn on surface, too, not only in mines, and in perfectly safe enclosed areas. A pen next to some high slopes or connected to a bridge will also facilitate mobs intrusion in locked areas.
  4. Have you also put a /support ticket in game, asking for help/check if this is intended mechanics / an oversight / a bug? (A temporary fix until you get a definitive answer would be to make a throwaway account, care for the horse(s) so they can carry their pregnancy to the term, then either /stopcaring or not logging in the alt again, so it gets deleted after 90 days and the caring for is also removed).
  5. You can submit a ticket in game, with any of your characters, old or newly created; a GM will contact you as soon as possible and will guide and help you through a password reset. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to, specifying the issue and including the name and email address of the affected account. Note: Do not add the email address and/or other details to your in-game tickets, nor disclose the email and/or other details to anyone else, but a GM., except for the name of the character, which should be included in the ticket.
  6. Who wants to know? And why?
  7. Old fat Uzeflea

    Get direction works only for branded animals; his deed fell, therefor the horse was not branded, and cannot be found this way. On the other hand, we have a pretty amazing community, and I'm confident the horse will be returned once the actual owners will read this thread or the pleas in Exodus chat.
  8. Yes, it is a bug, not of the saddle sacks, but of the saddle itself. It can be corrected by a GM, if you submit a ticket for it. Thank you for the bug report, this is useful.
  9. Hello! Very likely the corpse is somehow visually glitched ; usually packing the tiles, when you died on grass/dirt etc helps. Another option would be to summon your corpse, at the cost of 3000 karma or submit a /support ticket, so a GM can check where the corpse is, just to make sure is not bugged.
  10. @kochinac Whenever you find a traitor you plan to kill for a mission, first look at mission's rewards and either copy the text or simply take a screenshot, then, if you didn't get the reward, submit a ticket and attach the screenshot; a GM will stop by to grant you the karma and sleep bonus for the mission (and generate a new mission, if the deity was lazy).
  11. I promise to you, some Beefys made it to each and every server!
  12. Is a bug that has been reported and before; regardless of your permissions, you cannot charm unless you're a citizen of the deed where you're trying to do it.