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  1. Kappa's First Lunar Festival (lunalong)

    Do not mess with Dracaa's managerial abilities: [08:37:43] Dracaa cuts venerable greenish Dracaa's Butler deadly hard in the right hand and damages it.
  2. Odd lamps

    Posting on behalf of Jola, in attention of @Samool Image of lamps on deed few months ago Image of lamps nowadays Please contact Jola in game and help her find a solution thank you in advance!
  3. Stuck in game please forward to GM

    One sad horse rescued from underworld, returned and hitched to the cart where it belongs.
  4. [Resolved] Iron ore stuck in cart

    I have removed the ore from your cart. Next time you have an issue, please follow Explora's advice above, type /support and submit a ticket to get assistance in game
  5. PSA: Heritage Huser Canal All boat Access

    As much as I welcome the improvement you did, i want to remind you that you cannot do ANY modification to a heritage site without the approval of GM Team, as per rules say: Heritage SitesA Heritage site is any location deemed by the Game Masters to be of significant value to the community. Heritage sites will be posted with GM Signs. Heritage Site RulesA ) You may not alter any heritage site without Game Master consent. (Heritage sites will be posted with GM signs) Punishment: You may be warned or banned based on the situation. The Huser Canal IS a heritage site, and has 4 fantastic GM signs planted at both entrances, clearly stating you are not allowed to do any modification to it.
  6. Summerholt Hwy Bridge Completed

    Awesome work! People don't pay much attention to signs, and drive reading the newspaper, both here and irl. Thanks for finishing it, now I can take a break and read a newspaper myself
  7. Wurmpedia down?

    [14:31:19] <Rolf> dammit i broke internetz first spotify now wurmpedia
  8. Time on Xanadu acting weird.

    Also Sun moving backwards from time to time. Guards and templars reported not spawning about 1.5-2 hours after dying or after a guard tower was completed.
  9. Can't Remove Citizen From Village

    Deed was a democracy; reverting it to autocracy made removing citizens possible again.