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  1. Who wants to know? And why?
  2. Old fat Uzeflea

    Get direction works only for branded animals; his deed fell, therefor the horse was not branded, and cannot be found this way. On the other hand, we have a pretty amazing community, and I'm confident the horse will be returned once the actual owners will read this thread or the pleas in Exodus chat.
  3. Yes, it is a bug, not of the saddle sacks, but of the saddle itself. It can be corrected by a GM, if you submit a ticket for it. Thank you for the bug report, this is useful.
  4. Hello! Very likely the corpse is somehow visually glitched ; usually packing the tiles, when you died on grass/dirt etc helps. Another option would be to summon your corpse, at the cost of 3000 karma or submit a /support ticket, so a GM can check where the corpse is, just to make sure is not bugged.
  5. @kochinac Whenever you find a traitor you plan to kill for a mission, first look at mission's rewards and either copy the text or simply take a screenshot, then, if you didn't get the reward, submit a ticket and attach the screenshot; a GM will stop by to grant you the karma and sleep bonus for the mission (and generate a new mission, if the deity was lazy).
  6. I promise to you, some Beefys made it to each and every server!
  7. Is a bug that has been reported and before; regardless of your permissions, you cannot charm unless you're a citizen of the deed where you're trying to do it.
  8. @Gaffer Lore doesn't give a wrong advice, @yasgur's post above provides a very useful suggestion for your specific meal.
  9. You're welcome! Hugs are always welcome hugs back!
  10. Double click the fine grey line around the chat tab to maximize it again.
  11. When servers are back, submit a /support ticket and wait for a GM to change your kingdom, it takes only a few moments and it doesn't hurt at all! I think ...
  12. Lunalong 2019

    I shall be there! Free wizkilling offered, mwahaha
  13. Do not mess with Dracaa's managerial abilities: [08:37:43] Dracaa cuts venerable greenish Dracaa's Butler deadly hard in the right hand and damages it.