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  1. Hi - looking for rangefinder mod that works now?
  2. Quality!!
  3. Detailed notes, quality of life improvement, awesome additional features. Best WU server right now
  4. Wonderful Server! I say THE BEST SERVER right now!
  5. @Sindusk The master crafter is a wonderful idea because it prevents people from getting 70 and going to PVP server to curve up to 90. Now, there is incentive to grind that all the way up! Good thinking! *Can you make enchanted water work?
  6. Unless things have changed, i believe you get the same skill gain from improving as you do creating?
  7. you really are amazing!
  8. If anyone finds themselves in the Seattle, Washington USA area, hit me up. Ill take you out for some dinner!
  9. Oh! I found it! I think i actually cast around 17 minute
  10. You know, i recorded a long video about all the valrei items but for some reason i do not see it on my playlist and now im wondering if i actually uploaded it...
  11. When in Arena, every time i kill a monster/mob i get a meditation and faith tick?
  12. I will be recording videos on this server Also, this is funny:
  13. @Keenan Again, I don't have a keyboard and mouse plugged in. However, I do have my wireless Logitech keyboardmouse combo which it is not recognizing...
  14. you cannot adjust season, only weather? I want to show timelapse of summer, fall, winter, and spring.
  15. Hello, my upcoming video series will take the story through different seasons. Rather than changing the server db i was hoping someone could make a mod similar to weather mod that can change seasons as well? thank you in advance, Moot Paging @bdew@WalkerInTheVoid@Friya @ausimus