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  1. I think Sindusk mod's adds one handed spears?
  2. live map link is broken. Would you consider adding the pet mod? allows players to have little eggs with pets inside them
  3. I just started a deed if anyone wants to join - im not too active but im more than willing to share! Im a fairly casual PVper, i dont grief bases like kill breeding animals and stuff
  4. River World

    great map! i was hoping for more rivers though. Needless to say, still beautiful!
  5. Im gonna hit this up with some videos. hopefully i can get some kills and deaths
  6. i just 4k on my 28" monitor. I just use default settings and push chat/event to the side.
  7. Looking for help to update this - thank you
  8. Wait a minute! Youre telling me ive been attempting to breed my male champ hell horse and it doesnt matter?! COME ON WURM!!
  9. Hi Bdew - any chance you could look into the Range Finder mod and update it for new wurm graphics?
  10. Hi - can we get an update for this to the new client?