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  1. I'm looking to buy lots of hunting arrows (cedarwood), not necessarily all 2.5k at one time. I'm unsure what's an appropriate price for arrows, so even if you don't have any I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on price. -Theino
  2. Waterside Supermarket - 50% OFF SALE

    mallet 90ql w96 c83 2s69c CoD to Theino please
  3. WTA 200 Cedarwood War Arrows 70ql

    Arrow fact: In order to strike consistently, a group of arrows must each have similar stiffness.
  4. WTA 200 Cedarwood War Arrows 70ql

    Cat fact: Female cats are typically right-pawed while male cats are typically left-pawed.
  5. WTA 200 Cedarwood War Arrows 70ql

    What do you call an alligator in a vest? An investigator (This is my way of bumping the thread)
  6. WTA 200 Cedarwood War Arrows 70ql

    I need the silver to buy new carpentry tools =)
  7. 200 Cedarwood War Arrows 70ql I am unable to deliver. Pickup can be arranged on the northern coast of Exodus. I'm very flexible with pickup times. I'll fill up 2 backpacks with the 200 arrows for easy transport. Starting bid : 1s Min. Increments: 0.25s (25c) No Reserve 1 hour snipe protection
  8. WTS/PC Supreme Cedarwood War Arrow

    [05:23:43] Rolandt is with the Jenn Kellon. You may not trade with the enemy. Oops.
  9. WTS/PC Supreme Cedarwood War Arrow

    Sounds like I'm selling to you Rolandt
  10. WTS/PC Supreme Cedarwood War Arrow

    OK, I'll work towards a quiver full of supremes and check back in a few years
  11. WTS/PC Supreme Cedarwood War Arrow

    Hmm... maybe not worth anything. I'd even be interested in guesses of value or lack of value.
  12. I've got a supreme cedarwood war arrow and unsure if its worth anything. It's a little over 50ql if that matters. What do people think its worth? Would anyone be interested in buying it?
  13. How many arrows can you fit on a caravel? This is more of a thought experiment than something practical. I'm aware you can fit a ton of arrows on a caravel. Here's my current thinking: You can fit 41 arrows in a quiver. Apparently you can fit 100 quivers in a large barrel. Can you fit large barrels on a raft? Maybe just 100(?) large barrels on a caravel? Maybe some number of large barrels on a raft then 100(?) rafts on a caravel. There's lots of ways to do it... maybe you should put the arrows in a backpack. Lots of questions, the wiki wasn't able to provide me the answer on some necessary questions. So, how do you efficiently stack things to get maximum number of arrows?