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  1. Thank you too. I wouldn't have thought that the resolution could be so simple.
  2. Hello ! I've found a bug in deed planner. I wanted to place sword and axe displays and I saw the problem. There has been an inversion between appointments. The "sword display" is the axe display and the "axe display" is the sword display.
  3. If you leave, what will happen to Horsedog, you have redeeded?
  4. Rift 8/185/17

    Thank you for sharing new rift location. I'm not sure i will have the opportunity to build the safe house this time. That could be nice if somebody do it before the rift. The last rift, we had to finish to build after the rift has opened.
  5. Please keep Folkint (N3 on the map). It is disbanded but i will remake the deed there when i will have enough money to do it
  6. Horsedog

    I'm not sure to understand. Can you explain to me with others words please?
  7. In my opinion i prefer use discord than Teamspeak. We can share content and others can see it when they log. Yes I don't use it all the time, it make me lagging sometimes. To be honest, i prefer it cause I'm a bit shy to speak in vocal cause i'm not sure people will understand me speaking english lol. Come on Discord!
  8. Shadowwolf loose his horse too. He is waiting in safety in Puddlesby
  9. I will wait the adjustment before use again unstable it hurts a lot eyes.
  10. I'm doing photography and i don't have problem with my configuration, i checked it (Thank you for the link of the video, i wasn't sure it was that). The problem is that the two clients have colors too different like show this picture. Unstable client have a yellow pedominance in its textures, like a yellow filter.
  11. It do that with all the stuff the toon carry on him. It don't say at his place and move like a second skin.
  12. There is a bug with the chain coif when looking somebody digging for exemple. The coif move and i can see the top of his bald head, seems to be a bit strange.